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What will be the new Russia

Какой будет новая Россия

Breath with delight. Tomorrow, July 2, we will Wake up in a new, fixed country.

Gays can’t adopt Russian language. Our ancestors will get a decent pension. And doctors will become easier to treat the people demanding minimum wage.

The borders of our country finally will depend on geography. The judges of the constitutional and the Supreme court will finally be accountable to the defendants. And the children will be shared and parents will be able to visit them in museums.

Goats will graze peacefully with the sheep in green pastures natural areas.

The dump will be acoperisului. Blast — cotton. Flood — flooding. Shock — surprise. Fire — smoke. Disaster — hard landing. Contamination — disinformation. A broken COP hand — calculated provocation.

A few were able to live in such times. The darkness and the pain recedes. Ahead – a bright cloud of honey-and-milk industry.

We can’t be without Putin. He is the king of the tale, plunged into the cauldron of the vote, will pop out of him cleared and enlightened. Full of energy and unprecedented energy. The oligarchs will not be able to disturb him. The nineties will not be able to pursue it. Before him will be new life from the new twenty years, in which everything can start again.

We Wake up in a new country.

A road that was with the holes old, will become a new darling with the new pits. The hospital closed closes again. Dump the nearest bloom with new flavors.

Isn’t that what we all want? To start all over again! New life to get in no matter how many years. The old Constitution prevented us all this time, smothered and confused. Ridicule innovators. The Troll conservatives. Interfere with the business. Tormented ecologists. Persecuted politicians.

All it will take. New laws, like the piles of new castle, will build us new floors of living.

We Wake up in a new country.

I can not Wake up. Are bound to Wake up.

There is no such so a long sleep.

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