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What was life like for the students during the middle Ages. Photo

Как жилось студентам во времена Средневековья. ФотоStudents live cheerfully even in the “dark ages”.

Student life many, usually associated with the Dorm, cramming, half-starved existence, and, of course, fun. If we turn to the Medieval period and later eras, it becomes clear that all is not so changed. That’s only for the faults of students were punished by whipping, and the rite of initiation into students was more like bullying.

Как жилось студентам во времена Средневековья. Фото

It was thought that lessons are better remembered, if the student periodically tapping. There are many medieval manuals, which students were encouraged to flog, to whip or pull their ears. Fall and some royals. Although British princes, who had not shown much zeal, next were always the whipping boys who took on himself all the wrath of teachers.

Как жилось студентам во времена Средневековья. Фото

A tradition of dedication to the students was very popular in the middle Ages, and in a later era. In the student manual “Manuale Scolarium”, dated to the late fifteenth century, describes the procedures for initiation of a young boy, more like bullying. Beat him, trimming his nails with dull scissors, was forced to drink urine from the toilet. Fun was had by all, besides, over whom mocked.

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In the lectures there was also a place for fun. One day, in the XVI century in Oxford, after another drinking student fell asleep in class. The famous poet Richard Corbett, who was a teacher at the University, cut to shreds silk stockings sleeping.

Как жилось студентам во времена Средневековья. Фото

Very often thirst for knowledge led to the fact that students are not satisfied with the workshop of anatomy in the afternoon, went to dig up corpses at night to continue the study of the human body. Some were stealing the bodies are still “warm”, ie, directly from the gallows. In Montpellier (France), for example, there was a network of informants, always knowing when and where to do the funeral.

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German writer Thomas platter the Elder, who lived in the XVI century, told how as a student, sweetamanda stealing corpses from the cemetery, thereby infuriating the Rangers. It got to the point that the guards, seeing someone near the graves, shot from a crossbow without warning.

Как жилось студентам во времена Средневековья. Фото

Perhaps, at all times, students liked to party and drink. In the “Handbook of the excellent student”, dated 1495 years, describes the limitations for students. It was forbidden to spend the night away from home, swim on Mondays, going to the markets on Wednesdays, to talk nonsense, etc. For the offense, students again flogged.

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