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What traditional values are?

Что за традиционные ценности такие?

Watch “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev. And there are excerpts of Putin’s interview with the FT, where he, in particular, talks about the desirability of traditional values. That’s how I hear about these “traditional values”, so many can’t understand what they’re talking about? What is the value, what age or at least ages?

In the traditions of mankind had values of Australopithecus, the values of slavery, the value of an open homosexual (by the way, in Muscovy Ivan the terrible’s time — foreigners first and foremost surprised is rampant homosexuality in all classes), serfdom, collective Gulag. Make the list of “traditional values”, though points of the 15-20 that we understand what it’s about. And justify why these values and not from the traditions of another time. Maybe the person wants to live by the traditions of his caveman ancestor, with a harem of females with their territory, not to pay taxes and even send the state to hell (because of the state and even the Church was not there). And the other is to live the values of the landowner, with hundreds of serfs and plantation agriculture.

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Sometimes you see someone- “Christian values”. Why are other religions not to allow, in conformity with their values? For example, Muslims in Russia officially to allow to have four wives and wear a burka. And some shamans — to carry out human sacrifices.

By the way, the Orthodox clergy also owned serfs. Maybe fans of these values to ascribe to themselves then to the slaves to some kind of monastery? Well and women, of course, not allowed to study at universities and work, and to stay at home.

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Well, as a final point in this spanking language. In fact, the Russian ruling class became so precisely in the absence of traditional values. Their money, status and privileges they amassed in the “damned liberalism”. The traditional values of Stalinism, they would, of course, shot. And in the tradition of king-priest just not allowed to leave the community of his village and come to town.

On the other hand, what prevents people just take and live by traditional values? Well, that particular unit of society. Apparently, the laws in some way? What? You cannot marry from the age of 12, to have slaves, not to pay taxes, something else? Already something suspicious then.

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