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What to watch on Halloween? Rob Zombie has made his choice!

Halloween ‘s a week away, and we, horror lovers, are increasingly thinking about what the movies will look on the night of 31 October to 1 November. But the Director and musician Rob Zombie has already chosen five paintings from different years for the Halloween marathon.

To cinematic (and musical) work the robe can be treated in different ways. I personally, for example, the music of his group like it more than many of his films (although I appreciate the “Lords of Salem”). But what is the shock-rocker just can not refuse, so it is in stunning erudition on the part of the horror. Zombies, in particular, is very well versed in horror films of the silent movie era.

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Silent horror: 5 favorite movies of the silent movie era version of Rob Zombie

Agree, not everyone even inveterate fan can boast such a deep familiarity with the genre. More interesting to know what movies Rob has chosen to view on this Halloween!

In his Instagram Zombie posted a photo collage of the five classic horror films, adding that those he’s a couple with his wife Sheri moon will look at home on a holiday:”BLACULA” (Blacula, 1972), “cat People” (Cat People, 1982), “Curse of Frankenstein” (The Curse of Frankenstein, 1957), “Resurrected” (The Resurrected, 1992) and

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“Son of Dracula” (Son of Dracula, 1943).

To my shame, I confess I have not seen any of these movies. So do not rule out that will accept the recommendation of Rob. And what are you going to watch on Halloween are you?

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