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What to watch on Halloween – advice Zone Horror!

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Polls show that most horror fans prefer to celebrate Halloween at home, spending the night watching horror movies. And Halloween-2017 has nothing, so it is time to think about what movies we watch! We conducted a survey within the editorial office and made for you a selection of 15 paintings that are suitable for this kind of fun.

This compilation came as new films and timeless classics of the genre. But before you start familiarity with this top, we will mention those tapes, which the editors of memory are also mentioned in their lists – just in contrast to the “top”, they scored few votes. However, there is a sense to pay attention to them as an alternative to the main top.

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So, someone from the office will also look at the Halloween films: “Halloween 2007”, “the Amityville Horror” (2005), “the Conjuring 2”, “lost” (2006), “fright Night” (2011), “night of the living dead” (1968), “Bride”, “Silver bullet”, “the cabin in the woods”, “don’t knock twice”, “The fog”, “Blair Witch”, “Pumpkinhead”, “From dusk till dawn”, “dog soldiers”, “creep”, “angel Heart”, “Strangers”, “Halloween 2” (1981), “the Nightmare before Christmas”, “Axe”, “Reanimator”, “dead Alive”, “A nightmare on elm street” (1984), “Creep”, “the land of the dead”, “Beetlejuice”, “the Shining” (1979), “pet Sematary”, “the thing” (1982), “Jaws”, “Hellraiser”, “the Babadook”, “Friday the 13th” (2009), “lost Highway”, “Alien” and “night of the demons” (1988).

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And now – let’s go!

it’s Halloween Time!

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