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What to watch at the weekend: “Another world”, “28 Panfilov”, “Train to Busan” and other movies in the cinema, on TV and online

Every week in his poster, “a Film About” tells the story of how you can spend your free time. We write about the new movies and successful movies, analyze a television program, choosing from it the most interesting, and offer the paintings that can be viewed online from the comfort of home.

What to watch at the weekend: “Another world”, “28 Panfilov”, “Train to Busan” and other movies in the cinema, on TV and online

“A DIFFERENT WORLD: WAR of BLOOD”, Another vampire blockbuster with Kate beckinsale in the role tighten the skin invincible Celine, “dealer of death”. Heroine to engage in a decisive battle between the werewolves and the vampire clan that had once betrayed her, as well as to gain unexpected powers, which will make her a target for all opponents. In the new film company gorgeous Basinal made Lara Pulver, Theo James and Charles Dance. Despite the fact that this part of the franchise was planned as final, the Director and producer of the first pictures announced the development of the story.

“Underworld: blood War”. Official trailer

“TRAIN TO BUSAN”little su-an’s birthday. The girl lives with her father in Seoul, and it wants to go to her mother in Busan. On the road the unexpected happens and the country falls mystery virus. The passengers on the train to Busan was the only city that repelled the attack of the virus – will have to fight for survival. Welcome aboard and remember — this race is not enough to survive, to remain human. Fans of zombie horror new Asian drama will definitely appeal, especially given the fact that critics are already calling it this year’s best representative of the genre, and in the Singapore rental this picture was the first ever South Korean film, which grossed over a million dollars.

“Train to Busan”. Dubbed teaser

“28 PANFILOV”a feature film by Andrey Salope and Kim Druzhinin about the heroism of Soviet soldiers during the defense of Moscow in 1941. The film takes place on 16 November 1941 and before: 28 soldiers of the 316th rifle division under the command of General I. V. Panfilov, kept the defense at the junction Dubosekovo and stopped the German Panzer battalion left on the way to Moscow. The film-makers promised that the story will be completely focused on the heroism of Soviet soldiers without the distraction of a secondary storyline and love story: “a real movie about the real heroes of this great country”.

“28 Panfilov”. Trailer

“FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE THEY LIVE”a New film “Harry Potter”, revealing the backstory of the famous fairy tale, Rowling talks about new York 1920-ies, where the British magizoology newt Salamander. He had with him – a suitcase with unusual creatures, which in any case should not see “non-Magi” – the so-called Muggles in America. Of course, some still manage to escape, thus involve newt in a series of events from which depends the fate of the Wizarding world. “Fantastic beasts” for the second week to conquer the Russian audience – and, no doubt, mandatory viewing not only “portaromana”, but to all lovers of spectacular, interesting and beautiful movie.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”. Dubbed movie with IMAX fan film session

On Saturday on the channel “Culture” will take place the premiere of the crime Thriller, Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Red circle” – the movie, filmed in 1970, is truly a classic of its genre. Before you release a known criminal the Bark of one of the guards gives a “tip” for a fashion jewelry store robbery in the place Vendome. Freed, Cora goes to Paris, and in a way rescues escaped from under the supervision of a bandit Vogel, who was accompanied to the place of detention the Commissioner of the Mothers. The main role of the picture was performed by Alain Delon, Yves Montand and burvil. The session starts at 23:35.

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Frame from the film “the Red circle”

On TV channel “Ren TV” at 23:00 on Friday, 25 November, will be shown the film “Contact” by Robert Zemeckis with jodie foster and Matthew McConaughey. Radio astronomer Dr. Ellie Arroway dreamed about the stars since childhood, when my father was involved in Amateur radio and contacted the air. She had lost her parents and thought they were somewhere far away in space… Once Ellie gets the opportunity to travel through the system to the wormhole to get to another planet.

Jodie foster in the movie Contact

On Saturday on “Ren TV” will be shown three pictures that deserve attention of the viewers. At 19:00 will begin the session of the film “edge of tomorrow” with Tom cruise and Emily blunt. The story is set in the near future, when similar to Roy race of aliens called mimicry, makes relentless attack on Earth, wiping dust in major cities and destroying millions of lives. Immediately after, at 21:10, will be shown dystopia Michael Bay’s “the Island”, where the main role went to Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. In the center of the plot Lincoln Six-Echo is a resident of a seemingly utopian but protected settlement mid-XXI century, who hopes to go to the last uncontaminated place on the planet. And at 01:30 “Ren” will show the Thriller “Contagion” in which a deadly virus to fight such movie stars like Matt Damon, Jude law, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bryan Cranston.

“Contamination”. Official trailer

Friday on TV channel “CTC” will be screened the domestic fantastic movie “Black lightning”, where the image of the flying superhero tried on Grigoriy Dobrygin. Beginning at 23:20.

Black lightning. Trailer


STS will also show superhero film “Iron man” where Robert Downey Jr. played the role of one of the most popular characters of Marvel comics. The picture will allow you to know how Tony stark found his futuristic armor, and originated as an initiative of the Avengers. The session starts at 21:00 on Friday. The next day at the same time will be shown and the sequel “Iron man 2”. Ivan Vanko, the son of Russian scientist who once worked for the firm stark, but then dismissed and deprived of everything, wants to take revenge on Tony for the misfortunes of his family – to carry out his plan, he builds high-tech weapons. And “Iron man 3” will be shown on Sunday, also at 21:00. In the third part of stark’s world is destroyed, and the hero alone to show the wonders of ingenuity to protect themselves and their families.

Demo Studio Digital Domain’s work on “Iron man 3”

On the TV channel “TV-3” on Friday at 22:30 you can see the film “Master and commander: the far side of the earth” with Russell Crowe, James D’arcy and Paul Bettany. Adventure film based on the novels of Patrick O’brian from the series about captain Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin. The film is set during the Napoleonic wars. Military sailing ship of Her Majesty’s Surprise, furrowing the Atlantic ocean, was suddenly attacked by a huge unknown ship emerged from the fog.

“Master and commander: the far side of the Earth.” Trailer

Saturday “TV-3” will please fans of Sandra bullock. At 19:00 will be the showing of the Comedy “Miss Congeniality”, and immediately after, at 21:15, start, and the sequel “Miss Congeniality 2: Beautiful and dangerous”. In both films, the FBI agent Gracie HART is forced to penetrate the industry of beauty, fashion and show business, to save the world from the threat of terrorism. And at 23:15 will be shown the film “Practical magic” in 1998, in which bullock played together with Nicole Kidman. Strange rumors about the house Owens: say the hostess house witch, and that anyone who loved the young sisters, doomed to die young.

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Sandra bullock and Nicole Kidman in the movie “Practical magic”

November 26, Saturday, at 00:15 “the First Channel” will show a picture of Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth” in which he played Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and Rachel Weisz. Fred — renowned composer and conductor, despite the request of Her Majesty, refusing to act on the birthday of Prince Philip, he has a good reason. Mick, Oscar-winning Director, is hard at work on a new script “of the movie-revelation”, but it is not too much. They have a century friends, laugh and wonder at the beauty and injustice of this world.

“The youth.” Trailer

Sunday, 27 November at 14:30 on the TV channel TNT will show the movie “the Fall of London” with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman. The film begins in the British capital: British Prime Minister dies under mysterious circumstances, and the funeral brings together the most prominent leaders of the Western countries. But what started as the most secure event on earth, turns into a dangerous attack on the most powerful world leaders, which in turn jeopardizes the future of the world. Only three people still hope for accident prevention: the U.S. President, his loyal assistant and an English MI6 agent who trusts no one.

“The Fall Of London.” Official trailer

“The BODYGUARD”Respected in their circles bandit Mitchell (Colin Farrell) gets out of prison, determined to tie with a criminal past. He becomes a bodyguard for a beautiful but reclusive movie star Charlotte (keira Knightley), tired of the annoying paparazzi. Gradually arise between them tender feelings, but the bandit, even the former, it is difficult to hope for a quiet life. Local king of crime has not stinted on conviction to return a valuable employee. But faced with a stubborn refusal, he will take care of revenge. The film is available for free online viewing on the website IVI.

“The bodyguard”. Official trailer

Perhaps, in many people’s lives there are moments when I want to completely erase their past and present and to start life with a clean slate. Most of these dreams and remain dreams, but the film’s protagonist Wallace (Colin Firth) has decided on drastic changes. A middle-aged man initiates his own death and embarks on a journey where he will meet eccentric, but insane girl (Emily blunt). To view the film for free and without registration in online cinema TvZavr.

“Arthur Newman.” Trailer in English

“The ADJUSTER”Painting is a contemporary interpretation of memoirs, the famous Russian detective tsarist times Arkady koshko. The main character, a piano tuner Andrew (Yuri Deliev) is madly in love with a beautiful nymph, a delicate blonde beauty Lina (Renata Litvinova). Working as a piano tuner, there’s little he can afford, but it doesn’t bother him. Another thing to appease with gifts and money for the woman. For Lena it in all possible ways tries to earn on comfortable and comfortable life, sometimes passing the bounds of decency. How high this time would be the price of their happiness? A wonderful film by Kira Muratova, you can watch the online cinema Megogo.

Renata Litvinova’s film “the Adjuster”

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