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What to visit: the beauty of Malaysia in the photos. Photo

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото10 reasons to choose this country for holidays.

The country Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is an incredible example of mixing different cultures.

Malaysia shares borders with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia, and its shores are washed by the South China sea. Thanks to its Central location and variety of attractions, Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South-East Asia. You can explore here a thriving modern city, colonial architecture, relax on the most beautiful beaches in the world and take a tour through lush green jungle. In this tape compiled 10 wonders of Malaysia in photos that are worth a visit during your next trip to Asia.

Modern architecture

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic place with modern architecture, modern skyscrapers and one of the most iconic horizons Asia. Be sure to take the time to see the twin towers of Petronas in the area of the famous Golden Triangle. Once connected by the celestial bridge towers were the tallest buildings in the world, but today they are slightly inferior to their more modern competitors. Petronas is a real architectural pride of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.


Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

During periods of colonization in Malaysia was influenced by numerous cultures from around the world. Due to the proximity to China, Malaysia has absorbed many advantages of excellent Chinese cuisine and colorful cultural heritage of this country. You can experience this effect in my own experience, examining one of the Chinese quarters in Malaysia, the largest of which is located in Georgetown. In this Chinatown, you will see a 200-year old Temple of Kuan Ying Teng and try the local delicacies of street food. Don’t avoid the opportunity to dine at one of the local restaurants, ordering a popular local dish.

Tea Plantations

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

Tea industry has long been an integral part of the development and trade of Malaysia, particularly in the areas of Cameron highlands. In one of the highest places of the country has ideal climatic conditions for tea plantations. In Cameron highlands you can enjoy a tour of the nation’s largest tea company, tours of the plantation, or a tasting of local teas from small farms nearby.

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Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

The journey on foot does not always come to mind while thinking about Malaysia, but the country actually has many excellent Hiking places. Absolutely unique destination is mount Kinabalu in the state. There are miles of easy walking trails, spanning six different vegetation zones in variable heights. You will need two days to climb to the summit of Kinabalu, with an intermediate overnight stop in the mountain tourist campsites.

Colonial architecture

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

With a long colonial history of Malaysia, the country has many monuments of colonial architecture. If you are interested in the history of this country, the best place to visit is Melaka. The city was ruled by British, Dutch and Portuguese, which is clearly reflected in its architecture. The most outstanding sights include the ruins of the Portuguese fortress of the 16th century, the oldest Protestant Church in Malaysia and the old town Hall is the oldest and biggest Dutch colonial building in the region.


Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

One of the most popular reasons to visit Malaysia is excellent for scuba diving. Near the tip of Malaysian Borneo is Sipadan known as one of the best places for diving in the world. Diving in the protected waters Sipidan available only to a limited number of people per day, so you should book visits in advance. This is a great chance to see rare turtles, barracudas, sharks and other amazing marine life. If you do not have the ability to get to Sipidan island Tioman will also be a good option for travel.

Diverse culture

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Malaysia’s own diverse culture. In addition to colonial influences here are also a mixture of Asian cultures. Malays make up half the population, the Chinese constitute approximately one-quarter as extensive Indian community. In addition, people Asli is still 12 percent of the population and are considered the indigenous population. These groups live in peace and harmony and give the country its vibrant culture and unique charm.

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Animal world

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

A large part of Malaysia are not affected by human activity, allowing nature to evolve naturally. One of the main places to admire the wildlife of Malaysia, in his natural habitat is a national nature reserve – national Park Taman Negara. Among the waterfalls and trails you can find tapirs, wild boar, deer, monkey, and countless birds and insects. In Borneo you can see more rare animals. There are special excursions to the habitat of elephants, tigers, rhinos and orangutans.

Beaches and Islands

Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

Malaysia is a tropical country with a warm climate and miles of coastline, so such a variety of beautiful beaches, no surprise. In addition to the many superb beaches on the mainland, the Islands of Malaysia are perfect conditions for a beach holiday. Langkawi is a perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday, along with shopping and restaurants. If you want a more isolated atmosphere and fewer tourists in the Redang island with its untouched nature and the turtle reserve is the perfect option.


Что посетить: красоты Малайзии в фотографиях. Фото

In Sarawak on the island of Borneo is a national Park the national Park of Gunung Mulu. The Park is famous for its incredible caves age over 3,000 years. On excursions you can explore the Cave of the Turtle, the Garden of Eden, or the Cave of the Wind. Some caves require lights and more serious skills of climbing, and others can be found in the course an easy walk. If you’re staying closer to Kuala Lumpur, you can take a day trip to the limestone Batu caves. Here you are waiting for fascinating excursions and magnificent landscapes.

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