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What to eat for dinner, not to gain weight

Что съесть на ужин, чтобы не поправитьсяMost women day-to-day torment myself with thoughts about dinner. They are afraid to do anything to eat, so that their shape is not deteriorated and the weight is not increased.

No nutritionist would not agree with the opinion that dinner is better to drink a glass of yogurt or milk and to eat will be in the morning. In order to maintain your weight and not recover enough to observe the proportions and eat right throughout the day.

Perhaps the belief that Breakfast should be eaten, lunch — half, and dinner, and did give, no longer confused. This makes sense, but it’s not as drastic as it seems at first glance. There is a view that the bulk of calories should have for Breakfast, of all the remaining allowed calories more than half need to eat lunch and almost no high-calorie food for dinner. Thus it is possible to achieve two effects — weight loss and weight retention. Kilograms will go away only if they are superfluous.

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On the one hand everything is clear, but comes to cooking dinner — the CoE is again confusing. Therefore, nutritionists have called the list of permitted and prohibited foods, which every housewife will be much easier to handle in the struggle for slim figure.

Permitted foods:

– boiled fillet of lean meats;

– steamed, boiled, baked vegetables;

– natural dairy products and beverages without sugar, fruit additions and so on;

– seafood, preferably steamed, not smoked or fried;

– eggs;

– low-fat varieties of fish you want to cook in the steamer, oven, or cooking.

Banned for dinner the following products:

– all dishes that have potatoes;

– all kinds of sauces like homemade and store;

– pasta;

pork and other fatty meats;

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– sausages, sausages and semi-finished products;

– bakery products;

– alcoholic and carbonated beverages;

all roasted and smoked, as well as pickles;

– confectionery, pastry, cakes, bread, chocolate and other sweets.

It turns out that the ideal dinner that won’t allow you to get better — is meat or fish with vegetables. Remember that the portion should be moderate. First, put on a plate 150g cooked vegetables and add only 100 g fish, seafood, poultry, or other meat. So should women eat. In men, the overall weight of the meals for dinner increased by only 100 grams, 200 grams of vegetables and 150 grams of protein foods.

If you see that become a little to gain weight, it is necessary to exclude meat and eat it in lunch and dinner better vegetables and milk products.

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