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What to eat for Breakfast to survive until lunch

Что съесть на завтрак, чтобы продержаться до обедаNutritionists told me how Breakfast is tasty and good for.

Experts say that the person eats depends on his mood for the day, appearance and health. If you regularly skip Breakfast, there is nothing surprising in the fact that metabolism slows down, there are problems with skin and hair, there is a hunger and so on. All people, without exception, nutritionists recommend to eat Breakfast every morning, but the meal should be not only tasty, but also useful.

To dinner you did not want again to “eat the elephant”, choose one of the following Breakfast options:

1. Oatmeal with fruit or berries. Such full-fledged and healthy Breakfast always comes first, because doctors believe that oats have unique properties that support the gastrointestinal tract in normal and improves digestion. Fruits and berries in this case are like the most delicious component of Breakfast.

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2. Omelet with bacon and vegetables. The Breakfast is quite complete, especially for men. It will saturate your stomach for a long time and will enrich the body with useful trace elements and vitamins. Veggies and bacon go perfectly with scrambled eggs, so this dish is a lot like a good choice.

3. A sandwich with hard cheese, organic coffee and bitter chocolate. The vast majority of people will agree that this is the most quick, delicious and not harmful to health Breakfast. The sandwich is responsible for the feeling of satiety, coffee for alertness and energy, and chocolate for mood and brain function.

4. Nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt. Many people simply not enough time in the morning in order to have Breakfast, and before that, even cook something. Rescuers in this case, there may be low-fat plain yogurt 1 Cup, 2 PCs of prunes, dried apricots and figs, some raisins, a handful of nuts no more than 30 grams. After Breakfast until dinner you will not think about food.

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5. Cottage cheese mousse with seasonal or frozen berries. For its preparation you will need a blender, low fat cottage cheese, any berries and a little honey to the mousse was sweet. All the ingredients are whipped in a blender, add vanilla sugar and cinnamon on the tip of a knife to Breakfast was not only tasty, but very useful. Then pour contents of the blender bowl in a sundae dish and eat.

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