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What to do with the police?

What to do with the police?

1. Dismiss police any suspicion of corruption or falsification of criminal cases, while maintaining the overall wage bill.

2. The repetition of the case Golunova with planted drugs/weapons — performers to go to prison for the maximum terms (“organized group” + “using official powers”), and all their superiors consistently until the Minister of internal Affairs dismissed from the NYPD without a pension (on the public pension to 65 years) and without the right to hold public office.

3. Registration of complaints to the police about crimes is derived from the competence of the Ministry of internal Affairs and transferred to the Prosecutor’s office.

4. To revive the institution of DND, but not for police assistance, and monitoring. “We can’t put a policeman and a citizen, but could put a citizen to the police”. At the same time it will be non-police witnesses (or one of the witnesses, the second must “from outside”).

You see, in 5-10 years we will be normal, not bandit police.

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