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What to do with the elections, if all the patriotism fermented on the great past?

Что делать с выборами, если весь патриотизм заквашен на великом прошлом?

Life goes on, generation change, and the memory of the people is weakening. Current schoolchildren from the smartphone, get off, take an interest in his knowledge of our glorious history, so he also that Putin won in the 1st world war of Napoleon, and during the 2nd world war — Hitler, don’t remember.

And we have all the patriotism and fermented on the great past! And what to do next election? The dilemma, however.

The former host of “However”, Mikhail Leontyev, for originality of thought placed in the position of press-Secretary of “Rosneft”, earlier in the broadcast “Vesti FM” suggested: “We are faced with the need to deprive youth of voting rights”. Otherwise, they said, will be in Ukraine.


But in the Duma, basically, sit the supporters of evolutionary changes, they are alien to the radicalism and revolutionary. The way in which we go in terms of improving the electoral system, they decided, until the end has not yet passed. And increased the chairmen of election commissions for a correct counting of ballots up to 3 days.

Although Leontiev MPs liked it. Aside, noticing that part of the deprivation of youth voting rights Misha, of course, got excited. Not only young people — the category of the “disenfranchised” need to spread.


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