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What to do with our body lemon and water

Что делают с нашим организмом лимон и вода Water with lemon has a positive effect on the body and strengthens the immune system.

Foreign scientists have conducted several important scientific studies and found that lemon water can have a positive impact on the organism as a whole and strengthen the immune system. Physicians also suggest every morning to start with water.

Lemon himself is a storehouse of vitamins, so that after the water with citrus the brain and nervous system improves. Also the acidic drink helps, according to doctors, heartburn, natural gas and pain. The drink will be especially useful for those who have heart problems, because it cleans the arteries, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Scientists say that due to vitamin C in humans, more work the immune system, breathing becomes fresh, and the skin matte and clean. No wonder some cosmetic companies use lemon for lightening skin and age spots. Also doctors advise to be surveyed prior to use lemon in large quantities, as it can negatively affect the condition of the stomach, so doctors urge not to overdo it.

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