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What to do when accused of a non-existent accident

Что делать, когда обвиняют в несуществующем ДТП

The beginning of these stories is the same. You get a call from the victims or the police and claim that your car was involved in an accident, from the place where you disappeared. But the final stories are different, and much depends, including, from your literacy.

Subtle accident

Outset that such a call is not always an attempt to incriminate you. You really may not notice a light contact and to leave the scene of the accident with a clear conscience. Or witnesses may not remember the number or the signs of the offending vehicle and to impose on you.

However, there are cases when the accusations are completely absurd. Really look like a “divorce” — intentionally or unintentionally.

The police or the crooks?

Sometimes a person calls himself a victim or his representative. If you are not familiar with him personally, and he described a scenario is unlikely, it is likely the fraud attempt.

Often, crooks seek out a car with similar damage, so all may sound quite convincing. Give yourself time to think about the situation, and when placing absurd demands threaten to call the police.

If the caller and so it seems the police (e.g. traffic police), make sure you do get a call from the authorities. You can call in a call center or hotline and to clarify whether such a person exists and may set such requirements.

To go or not to go?

The police will invite you for a trial in order to compare the damaged vehicles and the testimony of the parties. If you are sure that the accident was not involved and someone is trying to incriminate you, many lawyers informally advised not to respond to a verbal invitation. If the other side is not too convinced of his rightness, it is likely that you’ll just fall behind.

Another thing is that if you wish, the police can make your life very difficult, and to appear for trial have.

The presumption of guilt

A comparison of the damage in the first stage of trials usually conducted by the inspector of traffic police. Most of the surveyed lawyers said that the probability of being accused in this case. The traffic police inspectors often are not technical experts, they work a lot, but if the accident is small, to go into detail on them just once.

To charges sometimes enough of a defect on the bodywork of your car that is even remotely comparable to the damage the victim machine.

Comes to the absurd: we have been approached by people who were accused of leaving the scene of an accident because of the hardly noticeable scratches license plate or scuff on the bumper, though the second car on the wing was a mark from a sharp object.

Formally, the inspectors do not render verdicts — they refer to the fact that the final decision is still up to the court. But the courts generally rely on the determinations of the inspectors, therefore, the mechanism operates in a pipelined mode.

Require technical expertise

Send a petition to conduct autotechnical examination, she was appointed to the police (or court, if it comes to it). This examination does not give an absolute guarantee of truth, but the qualifications of staff are generally higher, and if the expert is not biased, your chances grow. However, expert opinions are often guilty of the vague language that the court does not always interpret in your favor.

The main risk

If the motorist is hiding from the scene quite a major accident, to establish his participation in the nature of injuries it usually is. Described in the diagram above, most often we are talking about soft contacts, when all the damage is minor scratches, dents, etc.

When the damage is minor, the victim is usually willing to be helpful. But if the case went to the police, the main problem is not compensation, but punishment for hiding from the accident scene.

It is threatened with deprivation of rights for 1-1. 5 years or administrative arrest for up to 15 days. And the punishment has nothing to do with your willingness to repair the damage or reconciliation between the parties. Unimportant and the size of the damage — whether it is at least 1000 rubles, formally, the incident will be considered a traffic accident.

This hook is often used by scammers, offering to resolve the issue without recourse to the police. In this case, you need to include “gut”: if you feel that the person is not quite sincere, and the requirements are clearly too high, perhaps the threat to call the police will cool it.

But if the accident was still, and the demands of the just man, in your best interest to resolve the issue without the traffic police, do not forget to take from the person a receipt, that he has no claim.

By the way, CTP though to compensate for the damage to the other party, but if your will be locked leaving the scene of an accident, the insurance will subsequently collect from you the amount right of recourse.

How to reduce the likelihood of such stories

Check the condition of the car, and in case of any damage, fix them with the help of photos and documents.

When maneuvering if you think that you have touched someone else’s car and are tempted to leave — don’t rush. Maybe for you it is much better to solve the conflict on the ground, by yourself or with the help of CTP (e.g., europrotocol) than to risk the deprivation of rights.

You are in a hurry to leave the person a note with coordinates, and, most likely, he agrees to your reasonable suggestions.

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