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What to do post-Covid? Deprived of routine, Americans haven’t a clue… and the Great Resetters couldn’t be happier

Many Americans found relief early on in the government shutdown of their everyday lives, supposedly a necessity required by the deadly Covid-19 pathogen. Faced with what was declared an unprecedented threat, they were encouraged to seek comfort from the World Health Organization (presented as an omniscient, omnipotent force for good) and government health agencies. Literally, to seek comfort in the arms of Big Brother.

After a year of absorbing the wisdom of Saint Fauci and Pope Gates, lapping up detailed instructions on how to live their new-normal lives shrouded in masks and pickled in hand sanitizer, two thirds of Americans feel lost at sea when confronted with the possibility of freedom – even as their rational minds are “perceiving less risk from the pandemic than any time since last October.” Having their thoughts pre-conceived for them by the leading lights of scientific dogma’s traveling medicine show, in the manner of a baby bird consuming food lovingly regurgitated by its mother, they remain unprepared for the task of thinking for themselves. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Opening the floodgates to a seemingly endless string of authoritarian mandates, the pandemic emergency spared us of the burden of making important decisions for ourselves and our families – or to make any decisions at all. Want Chinese or Indian food for dinner? Never mind, restaurants are closed. Where should we take the kids for vacation this summer? Nowhere, airlines are grounded. Whose party are we going to tonight? Surely you mean a Zoom party…

The massive bureaucracy brought to life by the virus speaks in the firm, sterile tones of Alexa or Siri to tell you what you are and aren’t allowed to do today. Never mind that you have no symptoms – isn’t it about time you got tested? And aren’t you grateful you get to work from home, a perennial fantasy of the downtrodden cubicle-dweller? For the truly alienated, a scheduled moment of banging on pots and pans every week felt almost like friendship. That $1,200 aid check felt for a brief moment like the government actually cared about your survival.

While many at first chafed at having their liberties rudely stripped away without so much as a vote to supply the window dressing of democracy, others clung to that feeling of relief that came from having the government and its corporate tentacles make their decisions for them. Complaining about the pressures of adulthood is effectively taboo in the US, where overwork is a religion unto itself, but who hasn’t at least once fantasized about abandoning one’s dreary routine and living free of responsibility for at least a few days?

After all, in pre-pandemic reality, yelling at your neighbor for not putting grimy little bits of cloth over her children’s faces would get you slapped, maybe worse. Now, half the supermarket cheers you on, and before you even get home, someone’s uploaded a video to social media of you telling those snot-nosed brats you hope they die. Karens worldwide send messages of support. You sure showed those 10-year-olds who’s boss! 

Nevertheless, the novelty is fast wearing off. Far from bringing us together in solidarity, the pandemic has unleashed Americans’ worst instincts – the snitch and the tattletale, the unemployed glutton stuffing their face on the couch because why bother to look for jobs that don’t exist, the delusional denialist who still refuses to believe – a year later – that “two weeks to flatten the curve” expired almost a year ago and has been replaced with a totalitarian nightmare that shows no signs of ending.

Because now, people are comparing notes. Over a quarter (28 percent) of Americans say they’re back to spending time with family and friends, according to an Ipsos poll conducted earlier this week, even though the other three quarters are steadfastly refusing to commit such a bold act of heresy (at least not until everyone they know gets the jab and/or local health officials say it’s OK). More and more of the country is waking up to the fact that Covid-19 wasn’t the life-ending pandemic the media sold it as – just ask the doomsday scientists whose job consists of predicting the end of the world – and that the elaborate “mother may I” pageantry slathered on top of the increasingly threadbare dogma Americans are being forced to swallow serves no real purpose outside of reminding us to be afraid. 

Vaccinated Americans don’t feel comfortable removing their masks or hugging their friends any more than the unvaccinated, the Ipsos poll confirms, raising the question of why exactly they’ve rushed to get the jab to begin with given that they know “the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t the silver bullet to returning to normal life.” Indeed, as time passes on and Americans’ memories fade, so does the possibility that there can be a “normal life” to return to.

The narrative managers in charge of guiding Pandemic America into the Great Reset are enjoying success beyond their wildest dreams. One must not be fooled by the forlorn tone of some of these polls – to see three quarters of the country not only enforcing the rules upon themselves and their families but eagerly looking for new rules to enforce can only delight the ruling class. Forget this “land of the free, home of the brave” nonsense – freedom and bravery are incompatible with the global security state, and besides, it’s not like you were really using them anyway. Isn’t it so much easier to just do what you’re told?

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