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What to do for colds: important rules

Что делать при простуде: важные правилаThe doctors outlined the main error of those who are treated at home.

Early spring is the peak of colds, and because it is important to know the rules of effective treatment. Many people prefer to be treated at home and not go to therapists for help, as a result, most of them experience complications in the form of bronchitis, pneumonia, persistent runny nose or cough, and so on.

In this regard, doctors recommend first to consult a professional doctor who will put correct diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment in order not to have any residual effects or complications. And then proceed to “home” treatment.

What rules should be remembered in the treatment of colds:

the first 2-3 days you need to stay in bed;

– the air in the room where caught cold man, should be damp;

– often ventilate the room, to come the fresh air, and viruses floating in the atmosphere, is disposed of;

before going to sleep, you can do hot foot bath, but only if the body temperature is not increased;

– plenty of warm drinks and need to drink not only water, but also milk, raspberry, chamomile, green tea and other healthy drinks;

– less to lean on salt and salty foods, as it retains fluid in the body, and this means that pathogenic microorganisms will remain longer in it;

– feet should be warm;

– when communication with the patient, it is desirable that both were wearing a new respiratory mask on the face, so no one else will pick up the virus.

These tips from physicians will quickly cure the common cold and return to the former rhythm of life with no complications.

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