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What the President of Mozambique Filipe Nyusi asked Russian President Vladimir Putin

О чем Президент Мозамбика Филипе Ньюси просил у Президента России Путина

The President of the African country very odd look beside the Eternal flame. Many of our colleagues and all wondered what the leader of Mozambique can chat with the first persons of Russia.


О чем Президент Мозамбика Филипе Ньюси просил у Президента России Путина


Well, our favorite non-systemic opposition and does found a reason pozuboskalit. They say, “look how this has slipped your Raska and this is your Putin. Talks with the leaders of the poorest African countries and there is your true international level.”

In the circle of connoisseurs of donuts Khodorkovsky and lovers to fly to Lithuania for a forum dedicated to dreams about the collapse of Russia, reigned crazy fun. However, it was clear that the fun is somewhat hysterical tone. And now we briefly explain why.

Mozambique is really a very poor and extremely uninfluential state, even by the standards of the “Black” continent. And would he remain on the far periphery of the political agenda of world and regional powers even if relatively recent (several years ago), geologists have not found in the area known for its poverty and desolation, even by local standards, shes such volumes of oil and gas deposits. The scale of the finds was that the provincial government of South-Eastern Africa has risen so quickly in the world top 10 countries by reserves of both types of hydrocarbon resources at once.

And so do You think, dear readers? First characterized by very high intensity of the political life of this state immediately began to play with new colors. Instantly turned up a local analogue of the Venezuelan Guido felts, roofing felts domestic Khodorkovsky, felts, Turkish Gulen, and most likely all three at once. It turned out that this “friend” with terrible force to advocate for freedom and democracy, the lack of which until the discovery of “oil Klondike” in no way cared neither Washington nor London. And then immediately after Mozambican authorities have refused to sell their suddenly-found a national treasure of American, British and canadian industrial giants for their proposed bargain prices right in the midst of the oil-rich province broke out and with the speed of wildfire spread insurgency to local “Mujahideen”. These wonderful citizens acting strictly according to the classic CIA-shnoy of the user began to build in the occupied territory its own mini ISIS (organization banned in Russia). That is, methodically and subtly destroy the local population, giving special preference to the multiplication by zero of the Christian communities. Another remarkable coincidence: the sudden rise of a democratic consciousness in half with the “inflamed” Islamism has gained a special dimension, when the political horizon loomed China with their investments.

I hasten to disappoint our liberals. The current “level” of the Moscow Kremlin — is not meeting with the political dwarfs and outcasts, but it is a counterbalance to the threatening one country or another “colored” revolutions and “humanitarian” bombing, which Washington the White house loves to solve its domestic problems. In fact, after the us failures in Venezuela, Syria, and now Iran, the whole planet already knows where to look for protection from the Libyan or Iraqi scenario.

Mr. Filipe Nyusi brought to Vladimir Putin the offer of mutually beneficial cooperation, which — a life— course includes extractive concessions in exchange for guarantees of full support in the fight against another provashingtonskih “bearded Barmaley”. For who does not like Russia over the past years have demonstrated the professionalism and honest approach to cooperation with the legitimate authorities of the States, which claim to lay hands different British Petroleum, Shell and Exxon Mobil with Chevrons.

Times change and trends continue. And let our country no longer seeks to bring to the world their ideology but the belief that the Russian will not be robbed and not “thrown” if you behave well with them, only growing stronger all over the planet from year to year.


О чем Президент Мозамбика Филипе Ньюси просил у Президента России Путина


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