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What the outcome of the far Eastern rebellion?

Чем закончится дальневосточный мятеж?

Degtyarev sent to Khabarovsk as a punishment to the locals for having dared to shake the throne.

Rebellion in Khabarovsk threatens to become the most important event for the Russian political life in 2020. The authorities have reason to be offended by the rebels. The boss, so he seems to be shed on citizens in the course of the pandemic COVID-19 Royal bounties, wisdom and saved the population from the plague, and then offered the wonderful galaxy of the Constitution. And here it is — the ingratitude of the crowd.

Why to perform the duties of the Governor appointed Mikhail Degtyarev, who regularly leads the audience in amazement from his skull mighty plans? I think the logic of the Kremlin was not in search of a better appointee, but rather the humiliation of the troublemakers. If you dare to shake the throne, then here’s a ruler without a king in the head. As events will develop further, I would not say Nostradamus. The last riots we had in the late 1980-ies, when the inability of the authorities to hear the miners pushed the country to ruin. Suddenly the virus of self-will with Far East creep over the valleys and on the hills?

Grievances “on the ground” there and, I believe, no less significant than the Kremlin when he pecocet governors. Of the 85 regions of our 72 live at the expense of subsidies. Only 13 regions are profitable. Analysts say that Khabarovsk is an important region for the reason that area, it is roughly equal to Turkey, and considerably more than France. But I have not heard that Turkey and France could not feed themselves. And Khabarovsk for the normal life of a year, the Treasury allocates 6.4 billion rubles.

Meanwhile, Erofey Khabarov in the mid-seventeenth century, exploring the region, wrote that it is a lot more profitable “against the whole of Siberia and the Lena.” However, Yakutia receives subsidies of $ 52 billion, although the population there in one and a half times less than in the Khabarovsk territory. That is, Yakutia, with its gold and diamonds also can not feed itself. But almost equal to it in area India GDP is 1.7 times higher than Russia and breaks into the world top five, displacing it from the British, over which the sun now was going too fast.

In 1993, Russia had 35 profitable regions. In 2001, donors were 25. And now only 13. The queue for the grace longer and longer in her line up even those who were able to live comfortably, and now know the need. Do Russian people have forgotten how to work? Or the economy is deliberately built in such a way that the traditionally rich region survived at the expense of the donor on behalf of the Kremlin? If in Khabarovsk lived freely and abundantly, there is not going to be rallies in tens of thousands of people. I would not be so popular with disgraced Governor Sergei Furgal, which sought to give the economy a humanoid. Because people do not believe that the Governor — murderer, saw everything that he stands for justice.

During the week the President signed a decree on the national objectives that stand before Russia. National projects that were supposed to perform until 2024, adjusted and shifted to 2030. The decree said about empowerment, about successful entrepreneurship. Golden words! However, as noted by the Deputy Andrei Makarov, the business remained risk only fear. However, once again and once again given the task to dramatically increase the share of small and medium business in GDP. 25 million entrepreneurs! It is in this region that are born of innovation, which we do not survive, as well as high-tech ideas, which increases our dependence on the West. But since the share of small and medium-sized businesses, despite the best program in Russia has been steadily declining, while the share of government in the economy steadily growing, the slogan about 25 millions of business looks unrealistic, as the story of 35 thousand couriers.

Russia has built a management model that does not involve the active participation of citizens in politics and Economics. An independent judiciary is to us only in dreams, the electoral system excludes gaffes and surprises, the property has no guarantees of turns, if you’re not in power, a dangerous encumbrance. Live, like Saltykov-Shchedrin: there is no rebellion, but submission of this is not. The interests of society are subordinated to the elite who feed the population, but does not allow freedoms and initiatives, so as not to deprive themselves of peace of mind. Such a model of governance adopted in many countries, but nowhere (China does not count) it does not provide sustainable growth, a short, rupture of the aorta, the breakthroughs, like Stalin’s industrialization.

Therefore, whatever projects did not compose the Supreme rulers of Russia, while maintaining the current political order, economic growth in the country is impossible, as impossible and a noticeable increase in social guarantees. Khabarovsk will have a new Governor, but life in the region will not change. Only if you can find examples of reconstruction of the political order, which would be useful for Russia to protect it from cloning the riots following the example of the Khabarovsk? Of course, three hundred years to raise the political pitch, as in England, we will not. And another revolution, as in France, are clear. And to build a life from scratch, as in America, will not succeed. Well, the German orders for the Russian people — shaped Karachun.

But there is a fabulous example of Botswana, one of the few countries of Black Africa where he avoided socialist experiments and to build a democratic model of governance. In Botswana the lowest level of corruption in Africa, and the degree of economic freedom the country is on the 25th place in the world, much higher than Russia. Decades GDP grew at 8-10% per year. Now GDP (PPP) in Botswana is higher than that of other BRICS partners — India, China, Brazil and South Africa. Higher than in Ukraine, in Azerbaijan, Central America, and even than in many countries of Eastern Europe. A democracy with replaceable power and only local know-how of the house of chiefs. By the way, the population of Botswana is not so much ahead of Khabarovsk Krai.

What the outcome of the far Eastern rebellion? Saltykov-Shchedrin in the “History of one city”, citizens know that rioting, but not kneel they could not. In the end, the mayor came to the square and demanded the instigators. And the text: “So ended this sitting around all and laughter is worthy of a frenzy. Ended and since then not repeated”. However, Mikhail Degtyarev such courage will not be executed. Well, someone else will bark…

And it would be better, frankly, to live in Botswana. Or we have a shortage of leaders?


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