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What tackle is best?

Often there is rapid deterioration of fish different fish after a good fishing at pervalidus that is typically associated with the weather factor, when after the thaw of winter comes the beginning of the period of strong frosts. Also fish activity decreases sharply after freeze-up, when the winter time comes later.

Anyway, most of the winter anglers can be caught in the so-called gluhozime only thaws occasionally interrupted by short bursts of fish activity. This means that to achieve significant results of fishing, the angler has to go to all sorts of tricks, using the entire Arsenal of known gear and knowledge about the habits of underwater creatures. However, in difficult fishing conditions in waters of different types is not always possible to pick up the keys to the almost sleeping fish, a short time wasted in search of some illusory “formula fishing”. But interestingly, some anglers believe that fish infrequently, but always caught.

Hence, we can assume that whatever bad bite, fishing is generally possible to make sufficiently productive. But you have to firmly grasp the fishing of certain “axioms”. The main rule is: when bad biting, bail could only two basic ways of winter fishing stationary fishing float tackle or active work with the jig at different depths throughout the water column.

Of course, it is not necessary to compare or contrast these two ways, maybe even showing a certain disregard for passive seat near abundantly lured holes. Much more important to establish reasonable limits, the limits of applicability of these two approaches in the fishing science depending on the prevailing circumstances, which implies the prospects of catching some fish, and the number of allocated fishing time, and the possibility of the fisherman and his addiction, and a lot more.

Another rule says that skillfully customized winter float rod good for catching schooling, but sedentary fish, such as bream or roach, when in their ranks are able to make a competitive disorder, stir, tossing to the bottom of the small, “seed” number of checked bait, only able to Wake the fish appetite. In this case, when, neat, no frills feed, be able to force the fish to solidify in some place and start to feed, the bait on the hook, too, should be easy, affordable food, in any case, as little as possible from him to be different.

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In this case, the float rod is indispensable: one to three larvae in winter, regular large bloodworms, wearing a small and thin hook attached to a relatively long leash, slowly dropping to the bottom in the column of falling particles of bait is unlikely to cause concern even cautious fish. Of course, not only bloodworm on the hook can give the desired result. Much depends on local fishing conditions: the mass use of gammarus, in Northern waters, often in the course are the larva of a beetle or worm. To deep clean the sand pits, for example, roach is sometimes better takes a ball of dough, a piece of unsalted bacon or cylinder for “wormwood”, especially if the hole periodically to pour dry semolina, which, becoming wet, sinks slowly to the bottom.

Do not think that the float rod in the winter is only good for deep fishing in stagnant water of lakes or reservoirs. In addition to these standard conditions, using lightweight equipment, it can successfully catch the roach on a relatively small depth, and also bleak at half depth. And moderate for this gear is quite applicable, only then ogruzka is selected not under the float and under the flow — there’s sinker sinks to the bottom, quite a long leash with a hook or a light jig is mounted above it.

In the case of fishing for the size of the removable float is selected from a prepared set such that it is not dragged under the water pressure of the flow on the line. However, it is often easier to replace the float pointer with variable length and elasticity, and the bait feeding through a fixed to the bottom of the trough, lowering it through a hole drilled in 2-3 metres upstream of the gear. In General, and float rod are not so simple, it has various options for the device depending on the conditions and objects of fishing.

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In most cases, fishing in the vast and deep reservoirs without current, the fish is dispersed in the water and unresponsive on the bait or significantly distributed vertically in the water column. Here in the first place is more rapid and sensitive tackle with a jig and the bite signalling device in the form of elastic nod, which also serves as a drive mechanism capable of making artificial bait under the water to play, to imitate the fish some live food. Often the jig and helps out in the deep catching the same bream, when he was only barely wiggles float and the time for reliable cuttings difficult to choose.

It is clear that in the case of uncertain fish will need a very small jig with a good hook and with only one moth in it, planted by polyolefms. Of course, the bait must be tied on the thinnest fishing line-the cobweb. With such delicate tackle the hassle and fuss out fishing will be lots, and considerable skill will require it from the fisherman, and thorough preparation of the site, which is very important when playing another trophy, but, though slowly, the fishing box will be filled with catch.

Most experienced anglers find it so ledovye of the pack: having a jig a few bites of decent fish in any area, they here omit the bait, designed to collect denser bream and strengthen its catching on already over “fast” in these conditions the float rod. Thus, success here is possible to achieve, skillfully combining both fishing and the jig, and float rod.

But interchangeability of gear is hardly possible, when you have to fish a perch, a ruff or a larger predator, for example, bersha or walleye. In this case, tackle with a jig will not be equal because of the behavior and biting of this fish.

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