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What smells indicate impending damage to the car

Какие запахи указывают на скорую поломку автомобиляIs that a deodorant will not get off.

In the interior of your car smells bad? Maybe you just forgot in the back seat shape or a half-eaten sandwich. But sometimes the reason is much more serious, and one deodorant will not get off.

The smell of “burning carpet”

Possible cause: issue with brakes

Recommendation: check the brake system as soon as possible, do not operate the vehicle.

The smell of “rotten eggs”

Possible cause: overheating of the catalytic Converter.

Recommendation: go to AVTOSERVIS and replace the Converter.

The smell of “burning rubber”

Possible cause: slipping of belt, the friction of the loose hose, cellophane package came under the engine or exhaust system.

Recommendation: if it’s not a package, you need to find and replace the faulty belt or hose.

The smell of “hot or burning oil”

Possible cause: the oil requires replacement, the oil enters the manifold due to leaks, overheated engine or broken temperature sensor, a faulty vacuum modulator.

Recommendation: it is best to visit STO.

The smell of “stale socks”

Possible cause: mold in the evaporator.

Recommendation: ideally, the desired disinfection. But for starters, you can turn off the air, simultaneously turning on the fan on high, and leave it for a few miles.

The smell of the “sweet syrup”

Possible cause: coolant leak.

Recommendation: this smell attracts animals, so leaks need to be eliminated before they climb under the hood. It is best to contact the service.

The smell of “burnt toast”

Possible cause: short circuit or insulation failure of the wiring.

Recommendation: go to the STO.

The smell of “exhaust”

Possible cause: malfunction of the exhaust system. Recommendation: these gases are DEADLY! Immediately go to the shop.

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