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What silent Anatoly Chubais?

О чём умолчал Анатолий Чубайс?

The session on “Business — society — government: old problems, the old standby”, which was held in the framework of all-Russian civil forum , the head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais, told about his vision of the situation in the country. In particular, he said, “If you look at the overall situation in the triangle of the big — government, business and society, — to me it seems very harmonious.
Show more… Harmonious in the sense that the government doesn’t like society and don’t like the business, society clearly does not like and can not tolerate a business, business is wary of the authorities, and that such a society doesn’t understand. And all harmoniously, holistically continues to move forward. Exactly in line with our classic Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky: not afraid of bad news, in response we run in place”.

Let’s consider everything in order.

First of all, such a thing as a “Russian society”.

If “society” is understood as a group of people with common interests, values and goals. The “Russian society” common interests, values and goals institutionalized in the Constitution of Russia, which tomorrow celebrates 25 years. Legalized by the same group of people that is the only source of power in the country, the multinational people.

So when are arguments about society, ignoring the Constitution of the country, to such hopeless conclusions and come: “the public clearly does not like and can not tolerate a business, business is wary of the authorities, and that such a society does not understand”.

Harmoniously a country can develop only if exercising public authority enforce what is agreed to in writing by the Russians.

Chubais was right in declaring that the business to be the initiator of any change in the country could not. “Business is about the money, not about the country.”

In the 90s, a supporter of the power of business over government was Boris Berezovsky. How it ended you know.

Of course, society could not love such a business, as well as those who come to exercise state power, but measured from the budget of salaries and pensions in 20-100 times higher than that get millions of Russians.

Today we can say that the majority of individuals, undertaken to exercise public power, are not familiar with “shared interests, values and goals” set forth in the basic Law of the country. And some who call themselves “politicians”, do not recognize such Supreme value as the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Therefore, business is wary of the authorities, and that such a society doesn’t understand.

As the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, Vladimir Putin for 18 years, never installed life of the country according to the rules enshrined in the Russian Constitution.

Duty of persons exercising public power did not become the recognition, observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

What kind of business to trust the government can say, if in 2015, Putin publicly, in his message said: “During 2014, the investigative authorities opened nearly 200 thousand criminal cases on the so-called economic crimes. Before the court reached 46 thousand of the 200 thousand, 15 thousand cases fell apart in court. So, if you count that ended with a conviction only 15 percent of all cases. The vast majority, about 80 per cent, 83 per cent of entrepreneurs, which were instituted criminal proceedings, completely or partially lost business. That is, they oppressively, robbed and then released.”

It seemed that soon will be called those who “were pressed and fleeced”, their addresses, titles. positions and names were in each case. But no, this did not happen. And already in 2016, the Deputy of the state Duma reported that in 2015, more than 230 thousand criminal cases in sphere of economic crimes, before the trial came only a little less than 35 thousand criminal cases.

Under these circumstances, Russian society, which popularly voted for life by the rules set out in the Constitution of Russia, remained silent. No one demanded punishment of those who massively abused by those who did business.

How, in such circumstances, entrepreneurs should refer to “Russian society”?

“It is true that one who wants one and can.

Yes, true, he is guilty. God is with me.

Yes, it is true, but one thing worries me:

To say thank you for living?”

Vladimir Vysotsky.

Living in France felt the contempt of the elite and those who come to exercise state power, and took to the streets.

As lived in the country for more than 72 years, I can say, Russia will save only society able to elect into power those who will establish in the country the will of the people contained in the Russian Constitution, and a popular vote to remove from office is unable to perform the duties of an officer.

My countrymen! With the anniversary of the Russian Constitution.

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