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What scares Mishustin?

Чем пугает Мишустин?

By 2024, propaganda can convince a large part of the population of Russia that all the troubles to blame “liberals” and not Putin.

So, formed the government headed by Mikhail Mishustin, who has spent his career collecting money from businesses in the pocket of the state, and Andrey Belousov, known to economists basically that is amatista, i.e. a supporter of state intervention in the economy.

Of course, this information is not sufficient to predict specific actions of the government team. But we know the whole system “brakes,” which was created during the reign of Vladimir Putin and for many years does not normally develop in Russia. Therefore, we can with certainty claim that after a few years of the new Cabinet Russia will be almost the same as it is now. With the stagnation in the economy, high levels of corruption and decreasing in large parts of the population incomes.

Mishustin, at best, demonstrate the intention to correct them in a degrading economic system. At worst, you’d know that it is not necessary to touch anything. It is only necessary to plug holes, helping Putin to survive longer in office.

The new Prime Minister — not of the old Putin’s team. He’s not from St. Petersburg, not from security, not from the cooperative “Lake”. These people have in a particular environment, usually called liberals. And although in reality there is no reason to suppose that Mishustin with Belousov are supporters of freedoms, the label of “liberals”, most likely, it will stick.

Maybe the main feature mishustina is that it is much more distant from Putin than Medvedev, Mikhail Fradkov, Zubkov, Patrushev and Sechin, Bortnikov, Bastrykin, Putin, Naryshkin, Ivanov, Chemezov and other large person, considered to be Putin’s Chicks the nest.

Despite the fact that Russia already 20 years of rule by Putin’s entourage, there are many fans to claim that we would reach the current crisis state due to the repetition of the liberal model of development. Many believe this thesis, not even bothering to search for evidence. Look, say, Silvanus and Elvira avowed liberals. Hence, the rate at stagnation and decline in real income we have a liberal.

In fact, such officials, as Silvanus and Nabiullina, probably, do not have political views and are not guided in their work a particular ideology. They are pragmatists who simply try not to do anything stupid. If the budget is without a deficit, and the Central Bank does not print money, inflate inflation, it is no more than following common sense.

Liberalism could be considered a significant expansion of freedoms and the reduction of the state role in the economy, but when Nabiullina and Siluanov not seen anything like it. On the contrary, the bureaucracy, along with the security forces, are increasingly intrudes in economic life (although likely not the fault of our so-called “liberals”, but only in their passive complicity).

And let’s imagine that now the “liberals” start calling the Prime Minister and the entire “ruling” Cabinet. Alexei Navalny, for example, today already drive on the “midst a Facebook liberal public” which “rejoiced over the appointment of the new Minister of culture Lyubimova”. It will take some time, and many people whose lives will deteriorate, will be to think that really all the fault of the liberals. The word “liberal” we’ve simply assigned every a person which is unpleasant to the majority. In such a situation, indecisive and charisma, the government (especially if it is also a suspect of corruption) will quickly become in the eyes of the people “liberal”.

Someone may be ready to seriously think about whether there’s mishustina policy of any liberalism. Someone will be looking for the true causes of our problems is the dominance of bureaucracy, insecurity of the business from security assaults, the unattractiveness of Russia for investment. Someone will explain what liberalism is quite another. But in General, I’m afraid our country will gradually form a mental atmosphere in which Putin and his true team will be relieved of responsibility for socio-economic Affairs.

To a certain extent as it was before. Putin — well, say different people, returned Crimea, and strengthened Russia, gave a firm order. But the government idles. However, while “on the farm” sat Putin’s closest associate, Dmitry Medvedev, which the President seems not even reproached never publicly, the division between “good lads” and “dashing villains” was very relative. But Mishustin, with his biography and rather vague appearance will be the perfect scapegoat, which by 2024 will be possible to accuse in all the Russian troubles.

It’s hard to say now how this situation will be used Pro-Kremlin propaganda. Not necessarily because the brand of liberalism on TV, in order to completely remove the blame for what is happening with the “great Putin” and put it on all sorts of rotten liberals, supporters of alien to us liberties, foreign agents, rootless cosmopolitans, etc.

About liberalism we have so much filth uttered that a significant part of society and without a teleprompter can easily identify “hostile” to the greatness of the country ideology. And if it comes out, then the continued existence of Putin’s system (after 2024) will be characterized by increasing crackdown, “restore order” and break the remaining ties with the West.

If from the screen regularly to make all sorts of “experts” to expose liberalism, the audience will be quite difficult to understand what is what. “Box” has managed in recent years, even brotherly Ukraine to turn into an enemy. And to make a “witch hunt” and to assign responsibility for the growing problems of Russia with the help of TV propaganda will be quite easy.

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