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What Russia can offer young people, in addition to the duties?

Что Россия может предложить молодежи, кроме обязанностей?

What Russia can give to the younger generation so that it does not tend to go in a normal developed country?

It is clear that it is not about all young people, at least young people who are satisfied with cheap fortified “brewski” on the local drink-the court, his dream in Russia to realize can always.

Talking about talented young scientists, programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, people with an active lifestyle who want to change their lives and the life of the country.

Social lifts for young people are not working — they are busy with children of officials and oligarchs.

Professional growth is very limited technological and scientific degradation of the country.

With the civil rights we once really bad. The Constitution in terms of rights and freedoms of citizens are de facto not valid.

The safety of life we have is very low. You can become a victim of dismantlings of the “siloviki” or bandits between them can become a victim of a terrorist attack, which has become more since the involvement in the conflict in Syria.

Anyone can falsify a criminal case though “repost”, even on “level ground” for the distribution of drugs, as Ivan Golunova.

If suddenly a Miracle happens and the young entrepreneur create your own business, it can from my own business just to “throw away”, as did Pavel Durov, who could be a Russian Zuckerberg, but he didn’t. In this case, to leave Russia, has created a blockbuster new project, which Russia now to no avail blocks in their territory.

What WE can give to our children, so they stayed to live and work in Russia?

Raising the retirement age with the prospect of working until death in anticipation of a miserable pension at the collapsed medicine?

The prospect of life in a “scientific company” instead of working to your liking?

What Russia can offer young people, in addition to the duties?

What is better in Russia than in the United States, France, Germany, Finland or England?

Is that the only way to success in Russia is to become a “strongman” like colonels billionaires Cherkashina or Zakharchenko and not get caught, as they are, and to share with all who need?

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