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What really fed the people in the Soviet Union

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

So, friends — today will be a great and interesting post about what actually fed the people in the Soviet Union. I honestly already tired of all these stories of fans of the USSRthat on the forums, in his secret telegram channels and in comments on my blog from time to time scream about how good life was in Soviet Union — say, the people there are fed only natural and proven products, and all the modern products and recipes do not go to any comparison with the Soviet.

Of course — it’s all myths. The USSR was not the country with the quality of life at the level of the remaining Third world countries, and the quality of food it was exactly the same. Normal products either not at all or they were terribly deficient — and that they “get it” — it was necessary to protect the company’s huge queues. As a result, the entire Soviet kitchen consisted of attempts to make something more or less decent that managed to “get it”.

So in today’s post — a detailed story about what actually fed the people in the Soviet Union. In General, make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe.

Store food in the USSR.

Let’s start with the Soviet store food, as in the USSR, the majority of people still ate at home, not in the canteen or in a cafe — even if every day you had lunch in the canteen, we still had Breakfast and dinner at home on the weekend and had dinner at home too.

What you could buy in the Soviet grocery store? Fans of the USSR are bottled Nightingale trills of two hundred combs of sausage — but in fact the range of store food was in the scoop extremely poor. To begin with, what was in abundance in the Soviet Union always had a lot of bread that were served by the Soviet authorities as an incredible achievement and the bread in the Soviet Union even existed a separate cult. Shovels store-bought bread (especially away from major cities) was a very tasteless acid “brick” with a doughy crumb gray-greenish color in the Belarusian villages of the eighties be buying bread to feed the pigs. Here the photo shows the bread:

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

In grocery stores sold yet? In abundance were different vinegar like canned some pickles, good capital’s shops could be banks Hungarian GLOBUS tinned. Could still be metal cans with some barley with meat or sardines in tomato sauce. An abundance of canned goods on Soviet shelves due to the fact that they were part of the Soviet “defense” and was part of soldiers ‘ rations — the military industry was probably the only thing that though as-that worked in the USSR.

In General the shelves of Soviet stores looked something like this, here is a shot from the Soviet film “one Hundred grams for courage”, which was filmed already in 1976 — long before Perestroika and the”dashing nineties”in which cursed homosexuals ruined a Great Country:

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

If we talk about the sausage — the normal sausage in the Soviet years was always a deficit. The photo below shows a scene from the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”, in which Katerina rushes to have just rolled out the back of the truck with some fat and cooked sausage and grabs out a piece, only then looking at what she was able to “get it”. These are reflexes that have been developed over the years of life in definitie.

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

What we have to do more? Normal meat in the scoop was not the people buying some bony pieces with the cores, which were cut small pieces of meat and a meat grinder were twisted cakes. Chickens were incredible deficit — to get tortured and beat up the blue-and-yellow carcass of the Soviet anemic chicken was considered a great success. In the ever-stinking onion-cabbage smell of the Soviet grocery store only had frozen karaska, earthy carrot, rotten and covered in black mold cabbage, and the same rotten onions.

In stores sold eggs, bottling the diluted sour cream, milk and yogurt in bottles, pearl barley and buckwheat porridge, some pasta, and freeze-dried soups — which, incidentally, also was part of the army suhpaykov. Actually, that’s almost all.

In the photo below very accurately depicted the product set of a typical Soviet family, which was returning from the store in 90% of cases — the same sour green bread “brick”, two or three dozen eggs, a few cans of canned food (something smelly rassolnik “Leningrad”), a couple of bottles of milk and likely bottling the sour cream in the batch.

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

“Oh, how good life was in the Union!” — scream the fans of the USSR, putting the trunk of the car packs with five types of only one sausage, three kinds of fish, shrimp and crab, Swiss chocolate, Spanish wine, yoghurt and fresh tropical fruits — “But in the country was spirituality!”.

The food in the Soviet canteens.

Nuk okay, I’ll tell you — the homemade food was so-so, you can cook it really wasn’t what and eating pasta with the remnants of yesterday’s sausage, but may be in the canteen-it was better? There was everything for the people, right? After all, right?

In fact, the Soviet canteen food was much better than anything you could buy in Soviet shops as prepared, it is exactly of the same products. In addition, the Soviet canteens existed in an environment in which there was no competition, so worked, so to say, the minimum rpm on the age-old Soviet principle “why is the table to serve — and so will eat!”.

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

Menu average Soviet dining room was about such soup might be the soup of sour cabbage, soup, or any soup, pea soup, and some milk soup with rice or noodles. On a normal homemade borscht with zagaroli and on the bone it was like a little Soviet canteen soups in well with the saying “soup — do you want to eat, want x… rinse”.

The second gave some greasy burgers, 60 percent consists of bread, and the other 40 from peremennyh grinder lived, generously flavored with garlic (for capturing the smell of stale meat). Could also be fish cutlets minced fish — they always had a chance and was stuffed with fragments of fish bones. The side dish was porridge, pasta and mashed potatoes. Salads and vegetables were very rare — in a better case could have cut the cabbage and carrots and pour the oil, well, or make a salad from boiled beets and potatoes.

In General, Soviet canteen food was in the full sense “official” — an extremely unappetizing, greasy and tasteless. I well remember the Soviet kindergarten with his food, from which we periodically there is vomiting, so tasteless and puppetino it was all cooked. Domovie to this fat trays with splits, metal plates, aluminum fork with the prongs bent under the darkest of corners — and you have a good idea what was like the Soviet canteen and the food in them.

The diet of the Soviet people. Epilogue.

And here we come to the most interesting — a typical daily diet of the Soviet people. As you know — with products in the USSR everything was very bad and it affected as shops and canteens to get something half decent was quite difficult. What is the most funny and creepy at the same time — poor and malnutrition in the Soviet Union instilled as the norm from early childhood. Here is an example of the diet “a typical Soviet man” from the propaganda of the children’s book “Native tongue”:

Чем на самом деле кормили людей в СССР

Please note that is drawn in the picture. Some cold unappetizing mess (probably semolina) in the morning and a Cup of tea and cake. Lunch — some soup with a floating plaques of fat, the second two are from the canteen cutlet and a small cucumber (not even a, and half — rest in the New year). Dinner was miserable and dreary scrambled eggs and bread with butter. All! No salad, normal dessert, no more or less complex dishes, anything that can be called a cooking — just some of the prison-hospital set to maintain zhiznedeyatelnosti.

Actually — here are the pictures and want to show all fans of the USSR, which much wants to go back — sometimes Soviet books showed that reality is much better than any of my critical posts…

Such cases.

Write in the comments what you think about all this.

Also consider that the Soviet people were fed better than now)?

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