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What part of the body: the Network won the new optical illusion

Какая часть тела: Сеть покорила новая оптическая иллюзияThe photo caused a discussion.

Internet users discuss an unusual photo where one can see the head and the neck, and the other naked to the waist woman, photographed from behind. Judging by the comments, most at the first glance gave preference not to the fact of these choices, which is true.

Many initially thought that the shot hit the woman with a short haircut and the neck is a bit unusual in shape, and not all were able to immediately understand what else might be in the picture. However, in reality the hair in a woman long, and what some took as her neck is actually her back. It becomes somewhat more noticeable, if you pay attention to her feet and to understand that they belong to the same person as the “foreground”.

A number of commentators felt that such a convincing illusion makes it almost invisible detail – the left hand of the woman perceived as her ear, if you initially take the photo for the head.

Some Internet users said that for them it was easy to “switch” to see in the pictures the neck, if they were the neck and the back, if they were back. Many felt that this indicator “high-class” illusions are some other pictures of the kind of man who first saw the case, then you will not be able to see more than anything even if you want.

This kind of images attract the attention of Internet users quite often – sometimes from an unusual angle, one part of the human body looks like another, and sometimes in the frame are several people covering each other in such a way that the holder of a particular limb it is difficult to determine immediately. Most of these photos are random, and this, according to lovers of this kind of illusions, only adds to them a kind of elegance.

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