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What methods it is impossible to treat a cold at home

Какими методами нельзя лечить простуду в домашних условияхDoctors have sounded the treatments of colds that do not help.

Often parents treat their children on their own, resorting to the advice of grandmothers, neighbors, people from forums on the Internet. This is wrong and is harmful to health.

Here are the methods of treatment, which can only worsen the condition of the child.

Hot milk with butter and soda

This is quite a popular remedy for cough, but actually does more harm than good. For example, when the sore throat can’t drink hot, as the walls of the throat and so annoyed. And when “wet” cough, you can not drink milk at all, because it promotes the secretion of more mucus in the body.

Such treatment will cause a slight cold go into bronchitis and then pneumonia. It is better to replace this drink for a warm kalynove-honey tea.

Antibiotics and painkillers

An antibiotic prescribed by a doctor and only after analysis, when it is known that the disease is bacterial in nature. In the case of viral infections, their use is not necessary.


At the bole in the throat is not always possible to use the inhaler. If your child has a runny nose, then a high probability that after inhalation, the mucus will fall and go into a cough. When purulent tonsillitis or a temperature above 37 such procedures are generally prohibited.

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Not always tasty and wonderful sprays will help in the treatment. Even the pharmacist is not able to determine which drug currently needs child.

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