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What makes a body a glass of sweet drinks

Что делает с организмом стакан сладкой газировкиLove the soda can seriously harm your health.

Like fizzy sugary sodas? Then find out what’s going on with your body after drinking cans of Coca-Cola.

So you drank a bottle or glass of your most popular non-alcoholic beverage. You think that you quench thirst, and are well received and fun, because Coca-Cola is a very tasty drink, especially if consumed with salty food (burgers, fries and other fast food contain a lot of salt, so with them goes well Cola).

What happens in your body after you drink a coke? Let’s elaborate’ll figure it out. Perhaps after this article you take good decision for yourself: give up sodas in favor of normal water. Or at least reduce their use, which will also benefit you.

10 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola

You just “safely” used about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is the daily maximum for a person weighing 75-80 kg. This dose of sugar “hit” on the body, but you are sick, because the action of sugar successfully suppresses phosphoric acid, which in large quantities contained in soda.

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After 20 minutes

At the hit of blood sugar in the body start of the reaction to produce large amounts of insulin. The insulin begins to act on all the cells, opening them to glucose. A significant part of the glucose will settle in the liver, after which it will turn into fat.

After 40 minutes

Within 40 minutes the caffeine contained in Cola is completely absorbed. It will cause dilated pupils and increased blood pressure. The reserves of glycogen (a form of storing glucose) in the liver are mobilized, converted into glucose, which is excreted into the blood. This leads to the development of a new portion of insulin. After some time, the level of sugar in blood sharply falls, which can lead to dizziness and hunger. Also there is a blocking of adenosine receptors, preventing drowsiness.

After 45 minutes

About 45 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola, the body begins producing the hormone dopamine, which stimulates pleasure centers in the brain. About the same principle of drugs (e.g., heroin).

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After 60 minutes

After 60 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola manifest multiple effects contained in the beverage components.

Phosphoric acid starts to contact the calcium, magnesium and zinc in the lower intestine, which leads to faster metabolism. In turn the associated minerals are washed out from the body, and large doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners only increase the excretion of macro – and microelements in the urine. As you know, caffeine is a diuretic, the peak of which falls after 60 minutes after drinking. So an hour after cans of coke can occur forced diuresis.

Что делает с организмом стакан сладкой газировки

And finally, after such a commotion in the body, you will feel tired, irritated and lethargic. And all because of the lack of sugar caused by high insulin production in the pancreas. In addition, your body loses water (because of the diuretic effect of caffeine), and with it many minerals. After an hour after drinking Coca-Cola, you’ll want to drink another Cup of this drink.

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