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What kind of shoes should you wear in order not to harm the health

Какую обувь нужно носить, чтобы не навредить здоровьюThe wrong shoes can simply “destroy” the structure of your foot.

Dangerous inflammation of the Achilles tendon, flat feet different degrees, these are all consequences that can lead to not only pain when walking, but also more unpleasant disease.

Today we tell you which shoes has a negative impact on the structure of human feet:

Sneakers with thick soles shoes is extremely convenient, especially if you have a lot of walking. They are quite durable, do not require special care, because people prefer to wear your favorite pair of sneakers for months.

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However, such footwear creates problems with the balance of the muscles of our foot, which can lead to some complications.

Shoes with large platforms, which girls prefer to wear in summer, looks really very good. However, it has hard insoles that violates the natural curves of our feet.

Ballet flats are completely flat sole, which is not conducive to maintaining the arch of the foot. This can cause problems with the joints of the little finger, and there is the risk of flatfoot. The same applies to sneakers. Solution to this problem can be orthotics.

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Stiletto heels are probably the most spectacular of the participants in today’s list. And perhaps the most unsafe. In this Shoe there is no reliable support, which makes it extremely traumatic.

Shoes with “pointed” toes squeezes my fingers together. It is not difficult to guess, the position of the foot is extremely unnatural for humans, which can lead to unpleasant consequences: inflammation of the joints and deformation of the arch of the foot.

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