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What kind of health problems can tell a person

О каких проблемах со здоровьем может рассказать лицоResidents of big cities are always in a hurry, but doctors have infrequently — once.

Of course, an accurate diagnosis will help only inspection specialist. But I suspect that is wrong and time to fix that you can try for yourself. For starters look carefully at your reflection.

1. The face is pale, and under eye dark circles? This symptoms of chronic fatigue. Will help swimming and relaxing massage. Leave rigid diets — lean on berry fruit drinks, chocolate, nuts. And sleep, sleep, sleep. From chronic lack of sleep there is a shortage of melatonin (the hormone produced only during sleep). Which first inflamed small blood vessels — capillaries (this leads to the vascular veins and circles under the eyes), and then the walls of the larger vessels, which ultimately weakens the heart.

2. Show his tongue. Healthy pale pink. If it is imposed by white touch — check out the stomach and intestines, yellowish liver, has a bluish shade — heart. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

3. In the eyes often burst blood vessels? Maybe it’s just from fatigue and lack of oxygen (for example, if you have a long time to ride the subway).

But can also be a signal of elevated intraocular pressure — says the cardiologist Tamara Ogieva. — If the blood vessels burst often, there are other symptoms — pain in the occiput, a feeling that is difficult to turn the head, ringing in the ears, it makes sense to quickly make an appointment with a neurologist. There is a risk of problems with the cerebral circulation.

4. The whites of his eyes acquired a yellowish tint, a clear symptom of disorders of the liver or gallbladder. Guilt can be not only alcohol and fast food. Our digestive system is very sensitive to stress (physicians have an even syndrome of the “office of the pancreatitis”). Sometimes stagnation in digestion occurs because we sit wrong, why are compressed, the stomach and intestines. But if we are sitting in one place for longer than six hours increases the risk of constipation.

5. In the morning, swollen lower eyelids. It is kidneys or bladder: most likely, you late supper and overload them for the night. Do not drink a lot of fluids before bedtime and avoid eating salty. To help the kidneys can pomegranate (eat half of a medium fruit a day or half a Cup of juice), asparagus (it contains asparagine, which stimulates the kidneys), celery (its amino acids help the withdrawal of excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue), Brussels sprouts.

By the WAY

What else to pay attention

Limp hair. Urgently replenish the body with b vitamins (eat beef liver, whole grain products, eggs), vitamin E (vegetable oil, olives).
And fat hair do:
hidden problems with the intestines (this is due to inadequate absorption of fats),
problems with the autonomic nervous system (gives disorders of thermoregulation, and the man throws hot and cold).
Neck discomfort or swelling? Often hands are cold, you are freezing even if the heat began to get irritated over nothing? Need to see a endocrinologist. Possible problems with the thyroid.

— This is a common problem of cities, says psychoendocrinology Natalia Gridasova. — Stress hormones, we are produced in excess, are not compatible with the thyroid. The first thing to take a test on thyroid hormones and need to undergo thyroid ultrasound.

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