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What is the power of the state

В чем сила государства

What is the force, brother?

I guess I’ll write the most serious text I wrote on Facebook.

Today, an event occurred, to realize that until the end I can’t so far.

The Federal Republic of Germany, the state in which I now live and work, translated for me as financial aid to survival in conditions of quarantine, a relatively large amount. Don’t want to write numbers, but this is roughly equivalent to my earnings in 3 months.

Transferred free of charge. Translated today by request I filed yesterday. Transferred, despite the fact that I am NOT a citizen of this country. Transferred, without requesting any paperwork or records.

Just transferred.

And not only to me but to ALL individual entrepreneurs, find themselves without a job and earnings because of the epidemic in Berlin.

With me this assistance were all my friends tour guides, artists, café owners, small hotels, restaurants and so on.

Maybe for big business but this amount seems too small. But for us entrepreneurs — it’s just a very big and reliable lifeline!

Why can’t I realize it until now?

Because the first time I realized the concept of “STATE”.

Or rather, gradually realize…

Once my state was the Soviet Union. How does it manifest itself? Basically reproaches: “We raised you, we taught you, now you’re obligated, obliged, obliged… for the good of the country.”

Agree with this it was hard for me. Because you raised me mom and dad. Yes, and I also learned they. But the state argued that he “must, should, and must” — to serve in the army, to live on residence, not work somewhere interesting and where we can be useful, but by “distribution”. Of course, it is the state, if I behave, could give me an apartment, which it is the state deems appropriate for me, a sanatorium, which it is I will appoint, and (!) maybe even the car after turn in 10 years.

If I felt the Soviet Union as their country? No.

Then my state was the Russian Federation. She initially tried to be democratic, and the plans were very beautiful. That’s just not true. Came “the real owner”, and attempts at democracy abolished.

Anyway, no real help to people, except maybe the “maternity capital” (he never got it, but my friends got), I’m from my country never seen before or since.

But Germany was not my government, for the simple reason that I’m not emigrated, citizenship is not received, and Germans do not consider myself in any format.

I came here on a contract, then got here residence, and since then, live here, work here, pay taxes. Live as a foreigner with a permanent residence permit.

But here in this state is in trouble. In fact, it happened all over the world. But in this separate state, decided to this trouble to help his state residents. All. Regardless of their national or any other affiliation… And helped.

If any of you are not surprised, then nothing read. For you I am a naive sucker.

I personally have no time in my life I still did not receive gifts from any of the States. But now I did.

What is the force, brother?

What is the power of the state? Can be, nevertheless, not in the number of nuclear warheads?

And not in the unity of the nationalist crowd, roaring the name of your state?

Maybe force it in outstretched in a difficult moment arm? In the notorious “elbow”, which is so like to remember in the speeches of many leaders?

Today I learned, or rather felt, what is “state”. And what is his strength. To realize that, I will be for some time.

Thanks to everyone who read to the end.

Alexander Mindlin, guide to Berlin, theater Director

© 2020, paradox. All rights reserved.

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