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What is sinusitis and how to treat it

Каким бывает гайморит и как его лечитьDoctors told about sinusitis and how to treat this disease.

Winter is the period when the number of accesses Laura patients with complaints of nasal congestion and purulent discharge from the sinus, grows. Sinusitis is one of the most popular diseases in front of him, except that influenza and SARS. Treat sinusitis at home is extremely undesirable, as you can hurt yourself and in the end still have to go to the doctor, because the patient’s condition will deteriorate with each passing day.

There are three types of sinusitis:

1. Sharp. Characteristic symptoms: high body temperature, nasal congestion and mucus with pus, discomfort in the nose, the patient does not distinguish between smells and tastes.

2. Allergic. The symptoms of this type of sinusitis do not differ from the acute form of the disease, only they occur more often in warmer seasons, i.e. spring and early autumn.

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3. Chronic. Signs that a sinus infection turned into a chronic form, are as follows: a small increase in body temperature to 37.5-38 ° C, purulent nasal discharge, headaches, weakness.

With the appearance of certain symptoms of sinusitis, doctors advise not to postpone for tomorrow the trip to the ENT doctor, who will determine the type of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. To deviate from what the doctor prescribed, it is not necessary, because the sinusitis itself is not held, but if untreated can lead to serious complications, so this illness is not to be trifled with.

The doctors outlined the most effective treatments for sinusitis:

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Laser therapy. This so-called procedure in which the doctor affects himaruya inflamed sinuses with a laser.

Perforation. The doctor decides on the situation, whether his patient to do the perforation paths between the maxillary sinuses, leading to discharge of pus and the patient will get better.

Pharmacotherapy. In some advanced cases and Allergy doctors prescribe patients medications, including antihistamines.

There are many folk treatments for sinusitis, all you can try to use at home. But doctors strongly recommend to first consult with them and tell them about the intent to cure the disease some of popular methods, probably, the doctor will be able to stop the patient and prevent the development of possible complications.

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