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What is really dangerous night raids on the fridge

Чем действительно опасны ночные набеги на холодильник If you spend time in tropical countries for sunbathing, refrain from night raids to the fridge.

Change in traditional meal makes the skin more vulnerable to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Scientists from the University of Texas changed the feeding schedule in mice, which significantly increased their risk of dealing with malignant skin tumors, as shown by experiments. This was due to a decrease in the production of a specific enzyme, reducing skin damage from ultraviolet radiation. The study clearly shows that if people change their habitual food intake, it reduces protection from solar radiation in the daytime. Note that the sun’s rays are responsible for almost 99% of all cases of all skin tumors, including their most deadly type — malignant melanoma.

Observations have shown that a specific enzyme called XPA, which restores the skin from solar radiation, changing the schedule of eating becomes less active. In addition, when mice were fed at night, the intensity of about 10% of their genes also changed. While scientists do not know why the violation of the traditional diet leads to a change in the activity of XPA or decreasing the expression of genes.

“The findings of the study surprised us, — say the authors of the experiment. We never thought that the skin draws attention at mealtime. But now it turns out that if you adhere to a normal schedule of supply, the protection against UV radiation is more robust. Of course, this still does not negate the need to buy sunscreen. Note that the conclusions of our research is not yet completely transferred to the people.”

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