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What is more dangerous for the heart: alcohol or gluttony

Что опаснее для сердца: спиртное или обжорствоEven those who are young and healthy, you may grab your heart right for Christmas (and not only) table, if there’s such a thing as holiday heart syndrome.

The amount of alcohol consumed on the probability of holiday heart syndrome is not affected. But affected by fatigue, overeating, Smoking and severe stress. The heart can “keep the rhythm” in the process of celebration, and in a few hours – the risk of syndrome existed for 24 hours.

Feel that something was wrong? Call an ambulance

In most cases in people without cardiac diagnoses, all held independently. But if the symptoms bother you for hours, as all bad or it’s scary, you need to consult a doctor. Sure – if a heart rhythm is disturbed on the background of already existing cardiac problems, especially if in the past had a heart attack. In the case of the heart there is a universal rule for all, regardless of gender, age and relationship to alcohol: in any unclear situations, call an ambulance!

By the way

Alcohol and coffee popular combination, but to use the second hangover with a purpose is meaningless. Caffeine does not affect the speed of the deliverance of the body from the remnants of alcohol. And it can break hearts.

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