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What is dangerous to the health of children Christmas party

Чем опасны для здоровья детей новогодние утренникиDoctors have warned parents about the negative consequences that might overtake their children because of the excessive number of children’s “trees”.

In addition to new year’s morning performances in kindergartens and schools and parents to visit with their children to all “Christmas tree” in the palaces of culture, theaters, circus and so on. But is it useful?

Most moms and dads are mistaken when they think that the kaleidoscope of new year’s morning for their child is only positive emotions, happiness and joy. Actually, the kids were waiting for trouble, and sometimes very serious, both from a physical point of view and mental.

So what is dangerous for children’s health new year’s “trees”?

Infections transmitted by airborne droplets. Tickets are bought, and the child has a runny nose and all symptoms of SARS, no problem, think many parents and go to a matinee with an already sick baby. And there the virus spread in a closed room and children with a weakened immune system quickly it will pick up.

Fright. Children, especially of preschool age, they may be frightened by the large number of other children and adults, characters of fairy tales and musicals, animals in the circus, clowns and so on.

Sleep disturbance and day mode in particular. A surplus of emotion usually leads to the fact that the child cannot long sleep. It will be some time after new year’s morning to sleep and the day he recovered.

By the way, to pick up any virus’s Christmas tree can not only the child, and his mom or dad, so the whole family easily is at risk of infectious diseases. But the worst thing is that sick they can before 31 Dec, and even worse – to be in an infectious diseases hospital.

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