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What is allowed Kadyrov…

Что позволено Кадырову…

The head of Chechnya has proposed the most drastic measures in the fight against “insults the honor,” slander and gossip. Some of the Russians to watch their words do not have.

“Russkaya SLUZHBA BBC” on the eve of the published video clip of the speech of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov at a meeting in the Republican government with facing translation from the Chechen language into Russian. During the day no one has refuted the essential content of the quote: “Those who violate the agreement between the people engaged in gossip, strife, if we don’t stop them by killing, planting, scaring, nothing happens. Even if the whole world is going down in flames, even if the laws of all countries will be violated, unless we leave the person who hurt the honor? I swear by the Holy Quran, do not leave!” Kadyrov also noted that the law, Constitution and democracy ensure the welfare of the population, and “swindlers, traitors, gossips, schizophrenics” must be stopped. The speech by the head of the Chechen Republic caused the Russians a shock, especially in connection with the strengthening of the censorship activity of various state structures in social networks. Later on Thursday evening a spokesman for Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov said that “a translator broadcasting Corporation know the Chechen language as well as I speak Tahitian,” and noted that the words that “in the Republic establish order, stop those who are fanning hatred, spreads lies, perceived these “well-wishers” as they wish”. However, two interpreters of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” with the reservations about language details and context confirmed the correctness of the translation by the BBC.

Hasan Huseynov, doctor of philological Sciences

Что позволено Кадырову…“As these words contained a threat and a direct call to murder, and the organs of justice are silent, that means that this person have some kind of a feature in the Russian state. Judging by the events of the last twenty years, comparable authority to direct statement-the threat and the subsequent action is no longer anybody in Russia.”

Artem Kozlyuk, the head of public organization Roskomsvoboda, member of the expert Council under the state Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication:

Что позволено Кадырову…“If this other person said, it seems to me, it quickly drew attention and Roskomnadzor, and other oversight bodies, and the Prosecutor General’s office would be connected to the issue. Immediately started to “break” this man, conduct initial interviews. Especially if it was public figure of some kind of activist, the representative of the political or public organizations, leaders of opinion, — it would have long ago taken into custody. Because there’s direct call for violence. And two opinions, I feel that there can not be.

Why government agencies hiding? And it is clear and unclear. Because Chechnya we have a special region is in a specific mental and legal status of the top management of the country. In the more democratic the government, of course, a head region, at least, would have already dismissed from office, and, perhaps, brought a criminal case”.

Ivan Pavlov, head of the human rights Association “Team 29”, PhD in law, lawyer:

Что позволено Кадырову…“We have some of the figures are quite shocking, and if the substance of the information fits “the party line”, for the form submission the speakers nothing happens. And if it doesn’t, if someone from the opposition so act, it will punish you.

Mr Kadyrov in light of this trend remains in complete safety.

Of course, it is shocking. It rarely uses up of representatives of power structures. But simply not everyone is capable of this trait. Rare man can so shocking to speak. The brightness of the statements, even can not compare with anyone”.

Damir Gainutdinov, legal analyst with the international human rights group “Agora”, candidate of legal Sciences:

Что позволено Кадырову…“Strictly speaking, the offences (under the criminal code or the administrative code), only incitement to violence against specific people or groups, allocated according to certain criteria — gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. the Abstract call to kill, the offense does not constitute. And I think anyone nothing would have happened in such an abstract appeal even to the opposition. Well, maybe the Prosecutor caution about inadmissibility of extremist activity would be made if the author of the famous saying.

Another thing is that the authorities allowed to speak more than ordinary people or opposition. For example, the statement by Dmitry Peskov about the liver of the protesters on the pavement is precisely a call to violence motivated by political enmity and hatred. And if someone from the opposition said the same thing about the national guard, he would one hundred percent of the villages.

Sands spoke about a specific group of individuals, allocated on the basis of political views. Ramzan Kadyrov is no group of people does not emit. Gossip on the Internet to spread representatives of many social groups. Just when these words were pronounced Kadyrov, they are perceived more threatening or something.”

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