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What if the Director of “La La land” was David Lynch?

As the saying goes, “if you understand the films of David Lynch – you David Lynch“. Yes, Maestro has earned people’s love and the cult status of Director he owns full rights – because only a genius Director could make “twin Peaks”, “Mulholland Drive”, “lost Highway” and other surrealist masterpieces. And as we know, Lynch does not hesitate to try a variety of genres, from detective fiction.

Here an interesting suggestion – that would be, if the Creator of Black Lodge took over the directing Oscar-winning hit “La La land”? This question probably will not be able to meet anyone (except Lynch, of course), but on the YouTube channel CineFix skilled genius installation tried their best and gave us such a entertaining trailer:

Yes, there really has everything: dark of Hollywood streets, and appearing as out of thin air , Ryan Gosling, and the words backwards – in short, a necessary and sufficient set for the excursion to the “world of dreams” Lynch. Oh, how I would like to see a full version!

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