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What have we learned thanks to the new beauty website Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Despite the fact that a website about beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fully operational just a week ago, it has already gained an army of fans — this is evidenced by the many laudatory comments under the posts on the portal. We have studied the content of the site and have chosen those articles that you should definitely pay attention to.

First, the 31-year-old top model and a young mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has created a collection Rosie for Autograph, presented in the stores of Marks&Spencer, and now the star has gone ahead and launched its own website Rose Inc. with lifehacks and its own makeup artists tips. On duty, Rosie tried a lot of different cosmetics.

Makeup artists, designers, hairdressers, beauticians — they all were my teachers. The website is my way to share all that I learned over many years. Tricks in makeup that instantly make you feel even more beautiful. I hope you will not think about it as the book with a set of strict rules, and accept him as the tips of his best friend, wrote the star in your welcome email.

The model told how she came up with the idea to create a portal. Rosie has always loved to watch how her mom was doing her make-up. Soon, the girl spent all my saved pocket money and bought lip gloss and shimmering blue eye shadow at a local store.

My mother always told me that makeup should emphasize the advantages, and not hide flaws. Each of us have something we are unhappy with: crooked teeth, pigment spots, for example. It is important to focus on what you like in yourself. Gorgeous smile? Smooth skin? Beautiful eyes?

— advises beloved Jason Statham.

Judging from these words, it is possible to tell with confidence that the resource has turned friendly towards readers.

On the website promise to talk about inspiring instagram accounts, funds favorite stars and less known techniques. Now materials Inc Rose a bit, but you can read about oils for the face, review some cosmetics, morning beauty routine, poppy Delevingne, Kate Bosworth and Heather Marx and, of course, explore a great interview Rosie.

The star admitted she’s not one of those day-to-day walks with perfect skin. Rosie complains that after pregnancy her face began to appear frequently inflammation. Apparently, about how to get rid of them, it will tell you on the website soon.

The model also called top 5 beauty products that are always in her purse. This creamy concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars, powder, Tom Ford bronzer Soleil Tan de Chanel Вronzer, Chanel blush in the shade Camisole from Rosie for Autograph line and red lipstick Rouge Pur Couture, Yves Saint Laurent. To purchase most of these tools, so to speak, on the spot, on the same site.

Perfect summer hairstyle

Rosie and hair stylist Christian wood took the tutorial, which gradually creates branded hair model pony tail. And if you’ve wanted to repeat it, then this video will definitely be for you finding. This hairstyle is perfect for day bow, and will look as if created yesterday. To add a twist, weave in her thin scarf.

Gather your hair in his hand, put the scarf under the hair, find the middle and just tie it, then take the strands and pull them one at a time. The main feature — if your hair is starting to fall apart in the middle, sprinkle them with hairspray and shrink, so the curls will look bigger.

Bright bow for party

Favorite artist Beyonce Sir John showed how to create fashionable make, with a focus on the eyes. To begin, prepare the skin using a moisturizer. Don’t forget about the eyebrows, comb and emphasize their shape with a pencil or transparent gel. Then apply a lightweight Foundation (in the video Cyr used the bestselling author of brand Rihanna Fenty Beauty), paying special attention to T-zone. To create the effect of glowing skin, make-up inflicted on the top of the cheekbones model highlighter in stick Chic&Shine Stick by Madina Milano, and highlighted cheekbones (no contouring a La Kim Kardashian, so the product should be applied with a fluffy brush and a good shade) bronzerat Liquid Bronzer in the shade Laguna, Nars, and sculpturing powder Powder Blush in the shade Taupe, M. A. C.

The crease of the lower eyelid makeup artist also said sculpturing powder Powder Blush in the shade Taupe, M. A. C, and under the eyebrow struck a peach shade from the palette eye shadow Yves Saint Laurent (its the same, incidentally, can be used as a blush).

Summer — time beaches, and blue eyeliner. Pencil cobalt shade from L’oreal Paris move the eyes and slightly blend it with a brush. Blue ink and paint mascara on the lower lashes and the upper black. Concealer camouflage dark circles under the eyes and apply a matte powder on T-zone

— said the makeup artist.

To create a glittery smoky eye eyes technique halo, right at the centre of the lid you need to apply a bright, shimmery shadow or highlighter. Want to make eyes more expressive, draw a cat’s hands. For this you will need the same blue liner. And the final touch — for contrast applied to the lips orange glow, it is the perfect complement to blue eyes.

We will closely follow the updates on the website Rosie and to tell you about the most interesting materials!


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