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What happens when you’re home #Nonuniform (VIDEO)

We, modern people, certain of my free time is spent on a phone selfie and stagnation in social networks. It is not surprising that on this subject already shoot horror movies – offhand I can remember, “Remove from friends” (2015) or the “Twitter Maniac” (2012). Another picture – this time short – we suggest you look right here and now. Please give this video five minutes instead of liking photos on Instagram.

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Directors and producers of short films #NotAlone (#Nonuniform) are the two Greek , Ceteris Petrides and Tsakalias Dimitris (Sotiris and Dimitris Petridis Tsakaleas), the movie itself is travelling at genre festivals. The plot is simple: girl sticks home alone, bored… makes a selfie and post it with the hashtag #Domagne – but then he notices that her photo is accompanied by another hashtag – #Nonuniform. And, unfortunately for the heroine, it’s not a damn T9 made a mistake, but without the curse there is clearly not done…

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