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What happens to the body if you give up sugar

Что произойдет с организмом, если отказаться от сахара6 changes that will happen to you in the rejection of sugar

A few years ago cause of all diseases, and the appearance of extra pounds was considered fat.

Now they seem to be partially justified. And under the attention got simple carbohydrates, in particular all the usual sugar. And by the way, is not groundless. Why is it better to abandon this product altogether?

Our genes are best adapted to the processing of those sugars that we get from natural food, not sugar-refined sugar. White sugar – a product relatively new (on the shelves, he appeared 150-200 years ago), which we do not need in principle. While cravings for sweet foods in the us just laid down – in fact consumption of such a product can provide quick energy. And if earlier it was sweet berries and fruit, now pastry, sauces, fast food…..

Abandoning the refined sugar product, you will not only lose nothing, but also improve your health. Here are the changes that will happen to you in a month, says Mikhail Gavrilov, psychotherapist, PhD, author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss.

You will begin to lose weight. Known fact, abuse of simple sugars faster impact on weight than upholstered fatty foods in the diet. This is due to the peculiarities of the transformations of glucose and fat in the body. Fat – molecule complex, the body needs time to digest, transport, find a place to snooze…. It all takes time. Glucose is the end product which further do the splits. It is very easy to take and any way to use. That’s because simple carbohydrates are deposited faster in reserve than the fat.

You will get rid of food addiction. Sweet food belongs to the category that occurs fast food addiction. And it develops up to 8 times faster than addiction to cocaine. What happens when you use similar products? The nerve cells of the gustatory apparatus, sensing the sweetness, to the production of opioids, including endorphins – a chemical compounds produced in the brain and bring pleasure. In addition, these substances can at time reduce pain and stress. Experience such pleasant feelings, at times, leads to the fact that you begin to experience a craving for sweets. This food stimulates the appetite, and sweetness on the palate makes you eat more.

You will reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Sugar consumption causes a rapid increase in blood glucose by stimulating the release of large amount of insulin. If such jumps occur often enough, it develops insulin resistance, cells lose their sensitivity to insulin. As a consequence, the level of glucose in the blood remains too high. Further hyperglycemia can cause the development of diabetes of the second type.

You can avoid atherosclerosis. According to present knowledge, it is the love for sweet foods increases the risk of developing this disease. Under the influence of glucose become inflamed and begin to break down the walls of blood vessels, inflamed areas cling to the molecules of low-density lipoprotein (so-called “bad cholesterol”) and begins to form a clot. First, the vessel lumen narrows just, and that it can be shut off completely.

You significantly pohorosheet. Regular strong increase in the level of glucose in the blood leads to the fact that it reacts with proteins – the main structural element of every cell. As a result of the interaction of protein oxidized is “candy”. This process is called glycation. As a result, there is a gradual tissue destruction of an organ, a violation of its functions. Glycation of proteins of the dermis collagen is the main factor of aging. Those who consume more simple sugars, age-related changes occur much earlier. One of the most important tools antiaging – restriction of simple sugars in the diet.

You will be less likely to catch a cold. Sugar razbalansirovat immune system. Its excess triggers the autoimmune processes, and weakens the system of protection, which directed the body’s defense against pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, sugar stimulates the oxidation of lipids, which increases the number of free radicals. They are damaging to cell membranes and their contents, including DNA. Generally speaking tissues and organs because of this age faster.

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