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What happens to the body, if you completely give up sugar

Что произойдет с организмом, если полностью отказаться от сахараExperts told about the amazing transformations that take place at refusal of sugar.

Nutritionists around the world have long since recognized the sugar enemy number one (not counting the palm oil of course). Many people literally cannot imagine my life without sugar and foods with high content. Let’s find out what happens to your body if you refuse the consumption of sugar.

1. Your skin will look better. The connection between acne and sugar consumption has long been debated in the Internet and recent studies have proven that it really is. Clinical studies have shown that consumption of foods with a high glycemic index, including: fizzy drinks, cakes, chocolate, etc., have a direct impact on the appearance of acne and the degree of its severity. This is due to the reason that these products quickly raise the sugar level in the blood, causing a fluctuation of hormones, including insulin, which causes the secretion of sebum, which in turn leads to different kinds of skin problems.

2. You will look younger. During the research, scientists at Leiden University found that people aged 50 to 70 years who had a high level of blood sugar looked older than those with lower sugar levels. Every 180 grams of glucose per liter of blood forced the participants to look 5 years older. “The collagen in our skin gives it strength and elasticity. If you constantly eat food with a high sugar content, collagen and elastin to become more rigid, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles,” said Ross Perry, cosmetologist Cosmedics London clinic.

3. You’ll sleep better. Studies conducted at the beginning of 2016 have shown a link between the consumption of food and sleep. During research it was found that the sugar and saturated fats will reduce the quality and time of deep sleep that makes us feel not rested and tired.

4. Your heart will be happier. Three times happier according to the research of cardiologist James Di Nicolantonio from Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute. Watching the impact of sugar on the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, he found that sugar can cause high blood pressure and hypertension just as sodium (salt) People receiving more than 25% of calories from sugars have almost triple the increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Your mood will improve. Besides the fact that you have self-loathing after eating something sweet, there are other reasons. Study on the impact of foods high in sugar content on the mood of women in postmenopause showed that these products are a risk factor for depression. This is because sugar is very quickly absorbed into the blood, which may make you Moody and irritable.

6. Your brain will work better. Research conducted by scientists at the University of California showed that the introduction of a large number of glucose in the blood of animals they have caused brain dysfunction and memory impairment. This means that cuts in sugar consumption, will make you think faster and improve memory. Research, the same scientists demonstrated that the negative effect exerted by high sugar foods on the brain can be reduced by intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

7. And in the end, you will begin to lose weight. Fat is not the biggest enemy in weight loss, it really is sugar. Modern man, on the contrary suffers from a shortfall in the necessary fats and saturate the body with carbohydrates, including sugars. It is very easy to exceed the daily intake of sugar (30 grams), drinking a coke, one of which contains about 39 grams of sugar.

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