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What happened in the gap between “Prometheus” and “Covenant”? Look at the passage in Russian!

Another day segued into Night of others, and we are ready to show you very nice. The creators of cosmowarrior “Alien: Covenant” (Alien: Covenant) posted a net roller, which partly explains what happened with the surviving members of the team of Prometheus, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (noomi Rapace) and Android David (Michael Fassbender). It seems that this video (just a little more complete) showed the lucky ones at cinema-Con, the impressions which we have already mentioned. Now we have the opportunity to join.


If you do not want to spoil the impression from watching the film and wish to remain in blissful ignorance – roller is better not to run. And the news is not worth reading, because of what is happening in the video pretty accurately described by insiders. Those who are not afraid of spoilers – welcome. Still can’t believe that Scott and company dumped on us all the fun and not saving anything for the movie itself. So there will be something to wonder/admire/be terrified in a movie.

So… What happened between the events of the films “Prometheus” and “Alien: Covenant”? Like David, which left one head was “intact”? What happened to the city Engineers? Look duplicate passage together with the guidance from the Maestro Scott.

PS: to the heap, we put the original movie – especially for those who hate dubbing.

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