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What foods reduce blood sugar: the top 5

Какие продукты снижают сахар в крови: топ-5There are a number of products that must be present in the diet at high blood sugar levels.

To avoid the development of diabetes will help a rational and balanced diet.

In particular, it is necessary to enter in the diet of foods that contribute to lowering the level of blood sugar.


About the benefits of oatmeal is known to many. In addition to the beneficial effects on the intestine, oats also helps to normalize sugar levels in the blood. Many experts agree that regular consumption of oatmeal can be the best prevention of diabetes. Reducing the level of sugar in the blood is due to the high content of oat soluble fiber.


It is an aromatic spice that helps to normalize the level of sugar in the blood if regularly consumed. The doctors recommends adding a little cinnamon to cereal, yoghurt, sauces, fruit drinks and other dishes. In cinnamon contains polyphenols, which reduce the level of glucose in the blood. A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day will help you significantly reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes.

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If you want to keep the sugar level under control, regularly eat nuts. These can be walnuts, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds. Nuts contain substances which contribute to slowing down the process of absorption of glucose, proteins and fats. While doctors do not recommend to use more than 50 grams of nuts a day. Nuts are high in calories and excessive in their use of threatening weight gain, which in itself can cause increases in blood sugar levels.

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Reducing the level of sugar in the blood helps regular consumption of fish and seafood. Doctors suggest eating fish at least 2 times a week. Numerous studies have shown that fish meals and helps reduce blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes by 25-30%! It is important not to abuse fried fish, and give preference to boiled or baked fish dishes.


Broccoli is an amazing vegetable, which is quite difficult to overestimate. In broccoli contain polyphenols – substances that suppress inflammation in the body and also reduces blood sugar. As you know, sluggish inflammation in the body contribute to increased sugar and development of diabetes. Regular consumption of broccoli will help you avoid this process.

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