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What foods contribute to the health of the hair

Какие продукты способствуют здоровью волосWhat to eat, what would your hair was beautiful and strong.

It is important not only what you take care of the hair outside, but what you nourish them from the inside. Shampoo, conditioner and mask – it’s wonderful and can do without them, but that hair was truly gorgeous, you need to get out of the shower and go to the kitchen.

This fish is generally one of the major “beauty products”. Only it is possible to obtain fatty acids omega-3 and proteins, and vitamin b-12, and iron, crystals and much. Omega-3 especially important for the health of the scalp. Because of her lack of hair becomes dull, brittle, and in extreme cases may start to fall out.

Dark green vegetables
Spinach, broccoli, chard and cucumbers contain large amounts of vitamins A and C, necessary for the production of sebum in the body. This substance acts as a natural conditioner for hair.
The darker green color of vegetables and herbs, the iron and calcium – these substances are also very important for healthy hair.

Beans, lentils and other legumes must be included in the diet for hair health. They provide the body with essential for hair growth lords, as well as iron, zinc and betinov. Lack of Biotin can cause increased hair breakage. To get these nutrients in sufficient quantity, it is recommended to eat three or more cups of lentils or beans a week.

The nutrients contained in nuts, is necessary for those who dream of thick, shiny hair. Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium – this mineral is also very important for the health of the scalp. Walnuts a lot of alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3. Moreover, they are very rich in zinc like cashews, pecans and almonds. Due a zinc deficiency hair can fade and fall out.

Poultry meat
Chicken and Turkey will provide protein. Poultry meat has high biological value, that is, the body is easy to extract and use the nutrients contained in it.

No matter you love fried eggs or boiled, if boiled, soft-boiled or not. In whatever form you have them eaten, they will benefit your hair as they contain Biotin and vitamin b-12 are very important nutrients.

Whole grains
Eat whole grain bread and cereal, to get healthy hair zinc, iron and vitamins of group B. in addition, a snack of whole grain products will help you to recover when lunch is over, and dinner is still several hours of work.

Oysters are better known as aphrodisiac, but they also contribute to the beauty of their hair – and who doesn’t love beautiful hair? The oysters a lot of zinc which is a powerful antioxidant, and can undoubtedly improve the appearance of your hair. If you can’t afford to often eat oysters, you can get the required amount of zinc from beef or lamb.

Dairy products with low fat content
Dairy products, fat free or low fat are excellent sources of calcium, substances essential for growth of hair. Very useful, not only for the beauty to start the day with cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt. At the same time to receive a portion of the fatty acids omega-3, you can mix them with flax seed or walnuts.

Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A, thanks to which you will have a healthy scalp and good vision. Because beautiful hair without a healthy scalp does not happen, eat carrots as often as possible – add to salads or gnaw just.

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