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What food will help fight the autumn Blues

Какая еда поможет в борьбе с осенней хандройEmergency helpers in the fight against the autumn Blues, what are they?

Autumnal depression, decreased performance, sleepiness is a frequent seasonal phenomenon faced by many people. Experts in the field of dietetics, offer your variant of correction of this condition, based on the inclusion in the daily diet of certain foods.

First and foremost nutritionist Sonia Narang recommends to exclude from the diet fried foods and fatty foods. Habitual sweets it is better to replace sugary cereal bars made with cane sugar, promotes the maintenance of normal iron levels in the blood. It would be great if the bar is sesame, because it is a source of antioxidants.

You should also pay attention to the presence in the diet of vitamins C and A, which are responsible for normal functioning of the immune system, maintain vision and good skin health. That’s why experts recommended to enrich the diet of citrus, carrot and guava.

Flax seeds and pumpkin, and walnuts will enable you to get from food omega-3. This substance is necessary for the correct working of the vital organs and systems.

Vitamin E, good for skin, trapped in conditions of cold stress, is contained in sufficient quantity in cashews. And scrambled eggs with vegetables is a perfect combination of protein and fiber.

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