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What exactly was reshot in “Predator”?

Back in February we learned that the “Predator” with Shane black took the reshoot. In the end, was almost completely redone ending, however, about the specific changes to this point were not reported. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And here is the resource AvPGalaxy shares. exclusive. Remember, last year we curiously watched as the Raptors ride on an APC-e together with other characters in the film? It turns out that such scenes do need to enter the picture. So, yautja would unite people in the struggle with another enemy — a giant Predator, apparently. Sounds pretty pop to me. Anyway, these scenes we do not see. Also remove all of the hybrid creation Predators except dogs.

Attention, the following paragraph contains SPOILERS about the final future of film!

All the scenes in which he killed someone of the key characters, was photographed. And the final battle with advanced Predator will unfold now in the woods at night. The base attack that we saw in the trailer, the giant will give survivors a chance to escape, and then begin the hunt to find the best fighter among them.

In addition, we have added the episodes linking future tape from previous installments of the franchise, including the film “Alien vs Predator”. The xenomorphs themselves will not show, but from there the artifacts will be shown. Also in the frame will appear archival photographs, directs the audience to the events of the first two paintings.

Well, sounds like a good idea! Waiting for the Russian premiere on September 13.

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