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What diet should be followed if overcome the flu

Какой диеты следует придерживаться, если одолел гриппTherapists told how to eat with flu, colds and other seasonal diseases to help your body faster to cope with the illness.

When the body gets the virus, it begins to break down from the inside and only a strong immune system is able to destroy harmful microorganisms and to help the person recover faster. For anybody not a secret that a strong immune system is primarily the merit of power and then way of life. From what and how we eat, depends the health, and whether the body to fight viruses that is supplied from the external environment.

Therapists strongly recommend the flu and other respiratory infections to revise your diet and make some changes that will positively affect the course of disease and health in General.

What should be the diet for influenza:

Drink plenty of liquids

No single drink will not have as many health benefits as water. If defeated, the flu, doctors suggest to drink more water than usual, its pre-heating to the point, until it becomes warm. In any case the patient can’t drink something very hot or, conversely, cold.

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Physicians are allowed to drink herbal infusions, rose hips broth, ginger, lime, raspberry teas and so on. It is advisable not to add sugar, and replace it with honey.

Lean meat and eggs

These products contain protein — a substance that can enrich the human body with energy that just when you have the flu by the way. Pork lean not worth it, also the doctors do not advise to cook meat or eggs. It is better to bake the chicken in the oven or cook without the skins. Poached eggs or scrambled eggs with vegetables will give you energy and vitality for the whole day, if you cook them for Breakfast.

Fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin C

It has long been known that this vitamin is a lifesaver for a weakened immune system. So if you picked up a virus and thus caused my immune system to work 24 hours a day, the acute need for the inclusion in the diet citrus fruits, cabbage, onions, raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, radish and spinach.

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Chicken broth

Official and traditional medicine agree that rich broth of homemade chicken able to relieve such flu symptoms: nasal congestion, body aches, sore throat and even cough. This broth is especially suited to people that have the flu can’t eat anything because of the banal lack of appetite.

Milk drinks

Doctors recommend a period of illness to lean on yogurt and kefir, not store-bought and natural. These drinks contain bacteria that improve intestinal function that will benefit the whole body. Plus, the lactic acid bacteria reduce the level of harmful effects of drugs on the liver and digestive organs.

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