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What could tell of the horror sequel “Alien: Covenant”?

No matter how ambitious were not the plans of the Director Ridley Scott to the franchise on xenomorph and the like, against the facts will not trample – the last film of the series, “Alien: the Covenant,” did not meet expectations of the Studio and were spat not only the rank and file by critics, but by fans of the universe. And left to gather dust on the shelf unsold harvesting to continue, which, according to the sources, would have received the title “Alien: the Awakening” (“Alien: the Awakening”).

And screenwriter John Logan, author of “Testament”, I decided to share some details about crushed sequel. The plot of “Awakening”, as it turned out, was again placed at the forefront of the Android David, a role which has twice (actually even three) was played by Michael Fassbender. Vengeful creators of the human race, Engineers, enraged by the genocide of their brethren, rushed in pursuit of the Android, which leads them on familiar to fans of the first Alien planetoid LV-426. It was there that the brave Ripley and her team came across a strange egg from which hatched their future caudate death.

Will be glad if those who covet the latest part of the Saga, the news about a possible continuation of the history of androids – it’s up to them. Perhaps once the movie still gets to the screens, and it is possible that his experience will benefit the creators of the Alien series, which, according to rumors, is preparing 20th Century Fox. And you’d like to see this movie?

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