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What could be Pennywise, if “It” was shot Vincenzo Natali

Teaser trailer has appeared and it is AWESOME!

A remake of “It” (It) is a project long in development it was at least in 2013. And the candidates to take the Director’s chair, went very different people. That Cary Fukunaga (“True detective” first season) left the project due to creative differences with the producers, they know everything. But did you know that a film could be and Vincenzo Natali?

The Creator of such films as “the Cube” and “Chimera” wanted to film the book by Stephen king. And in the end succeeded! However, it fell to him to adapt not an “It” and the story “In the tall grass” (In The Tall Grass), which king co-wrote with his son Joe hill. “It” was engaged in Director “Mom” Andeas, Mosketti…

However, in 2015, Natalie has posted on Twitter a few concept art that was sketched out on a couple of the artist AMRO Attia (Attia Amro). Together they tried to depict Pennywise, killing children is the essence of “It” what it saw Vincenzo.

Perhaps Natalie would have been a totally different film than we get in the end. Judge for yourself:

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