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What could be “an American werewolf in London 2”?

Director and script author of the original John Landis talked about how he saw the sequel “Amerikanskogo werewolf in London”. And even wrote the script, but its categorically rejected.

I was offered to direct the sequel to PolyGram. The company, run by Jon Peters and Peter Guberreleased by the time something like 10 or 12 movies, and the one who brought the money, was “American werewolf”.

Already feels corporate tone of John Landis, right? All Aramis, and he — D’artagnan. However, in this case I’m inclined to agree with the old man, because his ideas sound interesting. Oh, and most importantly, “an American werewolf in Paris” is not the continuation that we deserved.

I played around with ideas until you come up with something I liked, and wrote the first draft of the script.
The film was about the girl that the guys discuss the beginning of “an American werewolf in London”, by the name of Debbie Klein. She finds a job as a literary agent in London, and moved there, begins to privately investigate the circumstances connected with the death of Jack and David. The point is that in the first film in the moment when Jenny went to work, and David was left alone in the apartment, he actually wrote Debbie Klein a letter. Turns out he had one big secret, after all, David had never told Jack that he had something to eat.

She finds a Dr. Hirsch, who tells her, though Alex now lives in Paris, as he was seriously injured all that happened. She goes to the “Slaughtered lamb”, and there are still! I think the only changes would be the portrait of Charles and Diana in the place where previously was a five-pointed star, and machine game with a Darts instead of the old Board. In conversation with Sergeant McManus, a COP from the first film who is not killed, she learns that Jenny is still in London. She calls her and leaves a message on the answering machine, but this time hear it the rotting corpses of Jack and David watching TV in the apartment Alex!

Here is a twist, huh? Hell, it would be really cool! And by the way, in case you are confused, then I explain that Jenny and Alex were one and the same person. From time to time, Landis called the nurse Alex Price from the first movie by the name of the actress Jenny Agutter, which it did.

A big surprise would be that Alex was a werewolf. It was pretty wild. The scenario involved all the characters of the first film, including all dead!

Isn’t that cool? But what went wrong? Michael kun, that’s what. The producer was replaced by Peters and Guber at the helm of the company, and when Landis brought him the script, he “spoke quite rudely about it.” In short, he sent Landis with his ideas.

Obviously, he would the script of the first film is not liked because it was funny and scary — and, if anything, a little strange.

Well, here’s the sequel we’ve lost. More about this can be read in the book “Beware the moon: a History of American werewolf in London” (Beware the Moon: The Story of An American Werewolf in London), which soon will release John Landis.

Well, we continue to hope that the son of John, Max Landis, soon zabatsaet us a chic remake of “American werewolf.” And then not care that the Pope is against it.

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