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What can you tell me about your eye health

Что могут рассказать о вашем здоровье глазаEyes are not only the mirror of your soul.

Looking at them, a good doctor will tell you all about your metabolism.

“As the vessels of the eye, says Shantan Reddy, M. D., ophthalmologist and specialist in the retina of the eye Medical Center Loganovskaja University of new York – we can judge about the condition of arteries and veins without surgery or cameras”. That’s why the eye doctor–ophthalmologist may be the first one to discover serious problems with your health. For example, in 65% of cases, signs of high cholesterol you can also define the appearance of your eyes.

More than 20% of people do not know that they have high blood pressure. Hypertension makes the arteries of the retina silver or copper hue. It turns out that the visit to the ophthalmologist can protect you from a heart attack or stroke.

Even early diagnosis of melanoma, diabetes, autoimmune disease often has no other symptoms, except for changes in the eyeball. To list more? Or enough to make you an appointment to the ophthalmologist?

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