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What can now be concluded “social contract”?

В чем может теперь заключаться «общественный договор»?

Last “social contract” in the form of falling living standards and the rejection of political representation in exchange for maintaining the current level of “social guarantees”, the increment of the territories in the form of “krymnasha” and stories on TV about “the greatness of Russia in the international arena” after the increase in government pension age was broken. The effect of “krymnasha” too exhausted, “greatness of Russia” ended with the Comedy “Solarize Bocharova and Petrov” the discussion of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and the destruction of our Il-20 Syrian air defenses during a successful RAID by Israeli aircraft on Syria, plus problems with the Russian space Agency, the liquidation of the NGO “Khrunichev” in Moscow, the ruble devaluation, increase in VAT and excise duties.

So, from society, we have the following concessions:

1. Raising the retirement age, without an actual increase in pensions above the rate of inflation.

2. The decline in living standards due to the continued stagnation, increased taxes and excise taxes, and inflation higher than the official times (of the Central Bank when deciding the rate is not rostovskoy inflation and inflation expectations, which are higher at times).

3. The growing feeling that there is no “greatness of Russia”, but there is stagnation and degradation.

That may, in exchange, to offer the power?

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